Mexican Recipe: How to Make a Mexican Vegetable Lasagna (Lasagne)

Mexican Lasagna / Lasagne is made with tacos and an assortment of vegetables done with a Mexican flavor. Enjoy!


globalcitizenn says:

This is their own original recipe inspired by Mexico, Italy and Indian spice. Just like how French fries have nothing to do with France but nobody cares coz and everybody lives them.

Megha4Yogesh says:

I made it and it turned out so awesome!! Everyone loved it n asked for ur recepie. Was so good I’m making it again for everyone at work!!! Thank u!!

Megha4Yogesh says:

I will b making this today for a Pot luck. Using your recipe. Crossing my fingers 🙂

Titajulia18 says:

God I had that nasty feeling it was going to have beans ~_~

loveergrl says:

Looks delicious

uberdame says:

Fun & easy recipe. Thank you for sharing! Can you recommend a place to buy Indian spices in a collection online?

pippasofi1 says:

love the recipe..hate the rascist commentary of people who probably have not ever left their small’s a great dish..grow up you people who can’t stand stuff that isn’t strictly American.

Dulce Cherry says:

Making this tonight xD

josh gaines says:

looks terrible

marcyrodriguez says:

Maybe I should have left a comment after I.finished the video…wah wah wah

marcyrodriguez says:

If they used tortillas then it would be enchiladas

mabeliita says:

Do you remember that sketch on SNL with Molly Shannon and Anna Gastayer (sp?) where they were radio hosts (schwedy balls lol!) these two ladies remind me of that.

Jonseskid says:

Hindu people don’t eat beef.

Skorpionz06 says:

why would you use lasagna noodles for a mexican lasagna lol. Tortilla’s are so much better

minhyukbiased says:

I just lost my appetite by just watching this at the BEGINNING

Cathrine Garaguso says:

This looks really good. I love your recipes. I’m vegan and it’s very easy to us most of yout recipes and just leave out the dairy. Nice work, you are great! I’ll make this lasagna this weekend. 

zerox771 says:

Same here both of mine actually so yea I do believe they made it up looks good though.

SparkzMxzXZ says:

are you 2 vegetarians? 🙂

Xoxopehualoc says:

Mexicans would never say they’re Americans. Canadians or Brazilians would never say it either. Do you ever call them Americans?
The rest of the world started calling U.S. Americans ‘Americans’ years ago and now that is just how it is.

Hazem M says:

when people use “american” they mean from the united states of AMERICA. but yes you are correct the way you’re looking at it.

Rika and Hanyuu Furude says:

Hauhau! Rika feeds me food like this..

afewpoisondarts says:

Isnt somebody who is “mexican” “american”? Canadians are American so are Brazilians just North and South

AyooSweetss says:

This is scary if u read this this far u will die in 10 days if u dont send to any 1videos in 2 hours good luck hope u dont die !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

patlansj says:

louis vuiton table top lol

ag080701 says:

Indya likes it!!!



BBQmenchi says:


Anwaar Awan says:

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Anwaar Awan says:


Jonathan Garcia says:

americans love mexicans who else will clean ur house, make ur garden look nice, build ur houses, fix the streets, make ur food and anything else u can imagine. i sure white ppl wont do all those thing well at least as efficient and with as much detail as mexicans

Jonathan Garcia says:

since when did mexicans make italian food

kexplosions says:

Looks good. I’m curious to try it. And this dish can’t be any less Mexican than Tex-Mex. so the name is okay with me.

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