Mexican Recipe: How to Make a Delicious Restaurant-Style Mexican Rice

Simple recipe for making Mexican rice


ioflowboy says:

I use chicken broth and tomato sauce. It taste pretty good

Felipe Bustos says:

wth is taco sauce?

KelRom812 says:

Would’ve been nice to actually see the rice up close once it was done, before you put it in the bowl. I could go without seeing you eat and see the finished result.

Von7animefreak says:

love it! subbbyy 44sub! im learning how to maje mexican food !

kowe96941 says:

Really i wish i was at a Mexican restaurant right now because i love eating their RICE!!!!

J Cruise says:

Decent recipe–you should know the main benefit of browning rice aside from flavor, actually involves starch. Crazy that people don’t recognize the science behind this dish which is why they struggle with rice. Skip the browning process and you’ll immediately know the difference between that of a nice fluffy batch of rice and one that is sticky and mushy. Forget restaurant style made for the masses, add fresh cilantro/green onion/tomato and then let me know what great rice tastes like.

ger fink says:

dude – no mystery. blend a roasted garden tomato, a little sea salt, fresh ground pepper, touch of cumin, paper thin onion – yellow or white. real chicken STOCK. BOIL 2 mins b4 covering for 24 mins at lowwwww heat. covered. don’t peek. done


taco sauce? …. sounds like a nice way to make an American version of Mexican rice.
Authenthic Mexican rice does not use taco sauce.
sorry, good idea but not original

Something Edible says:

Hard-textured rice is usually cooked too quick at too high a temperature, where mushy rice is often cooked too long at too low a temperature. Keep that lid closed, pay attention to your flame and your wristwatch, and I bet you’ll nail it after an attempt or two. Good luck!

Fidel Leon says:

I will try this recipe tomorrow, looks very simple and easy. For some reason when I cook rice is always mushy or hard. I will try to resist the temptation not to open the pan to peek! Thanks for the video!!

Othello Ortiz says:

Nice and simple, I love this method.

Gator1699 says:

Turmaric is the answere dude & a bit of safron add red & green bell peppers and stock powder it will kick ass.

Ashna divekar says:


Something Edible says:

Always vinager when seasoning rice. It’s usually what’s missing!
(and in this case, the vinegar’s in the taco sauce)

Lucia Landa says:

Vinagre !!!!????

vanesa rodriguez says:

Wrong Way To Make The Rice Sorry To Burst Your Bubble Buddy!

Something Edible says:

Still beats a box of Uncle Ben’s! If you got a recipe and a method, let’s have it!

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