Mediterranean Diet: How to Make a Simple Mediterranean Tossed Salad

Simple, easy Mediterranean tossed salad recipe. Enjoy!


dedemed says:

no it does not at all :)

cacipony says:

does balsamic vinegar contains alcohol? 

dedemed says:

Danka! hey Airave, hope you’re doing well 🙂

dedemed says:

You are so welcome 🙂

dedemed says:


dedemed says:

well honestly i have been through so many food processors until I discovered the perfect one! it’s the Cuisinart 14 cup food processor and it has a 20 year warranty. it is more expensive but is sooooooo worth the money and is way more durable and powerful than any other processor I have ever used 🙂

hijab43 says:

Healthy and delicious. Thank you, dear :):):):)

Airave says:

You are always so inspirational, Dede! 🙂
Much Luv from Germany! 😀

Lola Lola says:

wow que bueno


Super savory and very colorful!! Thx for this recipe.

Fidasaind says:

Almonds are a great substitute for pine nuts. Slivered almonds are a fraction of the price and taste good. I’ve even made almond pesto before when there just wasn’t money in the budget for pine nuts.

For Dede, do you know any food processor capable of making homemade tahini that is fairly cheap? We have a Bosch and they seem to not quite get fast enough to make a creamy paste. Great power on those things, just not enough speed. Would a coffee/spice grinder work? Or too much oil?

dedemed says:

it is surprisingly good 🙂

dedemed says:

Yes, you can definitely use any type of nut that you like. It’s a nice alternative to croutons, especially for people who are trying to stay away from the carbs 🙂

Majoofi says:

I never would have thought about tahini and balsamic in the same dish. I’ll have to give that a try.

mukwah1111 says:

Thanks for a great new salad dressing recipe Dede. Not a fan of Pine Nuts……how about some toasted sesame seeds or some toasted almonds? Thanks again !

misssweetbaby says:


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