Mediterranean Diet: How to Make a Healthy Mediterranean Chick Pea Salad

Great recipe on how to make a Mediterranean chick pea salad. Tasty and healthy. Enjoy!


donayush says:

thanks lisa..i love this recipe..

Miriam Roge says:

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babygurl25392 says:

lmfaooo true

Carlos Deack says:

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Rose Athanasiou says:

why not just use the term Greek salad??? feta and kalamata olives are greek products

OurHumbleLife says:

I guess not :(

jlovely77 says:

i agree! lol

hosenmayer mihael says:

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Inconseethebilletee says:

Thats a couple of tablespoons…looked like a quarter of a cup

Carri F. says:

Could I get the recipe in print?

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