Mediterranean Diet: Healthy Mediterranean Barley Salad with Asparagus, Bell Peppers, Goat Cheese and More…

This video is how to make a Mediterranean vegetable salad with barley, goat cheese, tomatoes, bell peppers, asparagus and more.. Very healthy. Enjoy!


dedemed says:

I’m glad you liked it. Make sure that you purchased the peeled barley, I should have mentioned that, I will modify the written recipe 🙂

thamuddler says:

Hey dede. I just made this salad. I’m eating it right now in fact. Delicious. Only problem I had was with toasting the barley. I soaked it probably 12 hours, then went to toast it in a cast-iron skillet. Used olive oil, but it didn’t turn out looking like yours. Either the barley stayed chewy like it was after the soaking, or they started to become too crispy. Maybe cast-iron is the problem? Great salad still though, im in love.

Cody White says:

AAH shukran habibte!!

ive been like wondering that but kept forgeting to aks the dr lol i guess now i can cook for my mom jaja

dedemed says:

try it, you’ll love it 🙂

dedemed says:

thank you so much 🙂

dedemed says:

yes definitely, it is is very healthy food 🙂

ixkey says:

Yum all up! That looks like a delicious & wonderful salad!

Karima A says:

omg i get hungry watching your vids all the time!! have tried some of your recepies and WOW they are great!! ♥ you are simply the best! ♥

Cody White says:

im pretty sure mediterranian food would be ok for some one with diabetes right?

dedemed says:

it would but give the barley a try, I’m sure you’ll like it. You can use bulgar as well if you’d like.

dedemed says:

You can definitely use any grain that you like 🙂

dedemed says:

you can definitely add or take away any vegetables that you don’t like :)

Majoofi says:

interesting technique with the barley. I wonder if that would work with other grains

Fidasaind says:

Looks like it would be great with orzo or even short grain rice if you didn’t presoak the barley and didn’t want to wait for it to cook. I just wish asparagus was in season because that looks very good!

honeyy-drip says:

sounds great! I’m going to try it next time I go to the grocery store(minus the asparagus.. blech!).

h6alahmad says:

Welcome back DedeMed! :) BIG FUN ^_^

mukwah1111 says:

Thanks a bundle Denise !!! Cant wait to try it ! All the best !

dedemed says:

Yes soaking the barley and then sauteeing them will be enough. Believe me I tried it 🙂 I hate nothing more than undercooked barley, so YES this recipe works and tastes amazing, I know you’ll like it 🙂

mukwah1111 says:

You mean that simply soaking the barley overnight softens it enough to eat without cooking it? I know you sauteed it in olive oil but wouldnt it still be tough? dense? hard?

fdoeppen says:

Wow, Dede!!
That looks wonderful!

Spyroyahoo says:

That looks so delicious! awesome!

shiroirobin says:

Def gonna try it, look sooo delicious!!!

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