Indian Chinese Vegetable Wontons – Fried or Boiled

This Indian cook shows how to make from scratch a vegetable wonton. These can be either fried or boiled.

Watch and learn.


manasseh lawrence says:

you literally saved my life thanks a million

Alanwar Tapiya says:

pan kaju receipe

Alanwar Tapiya says:

pan kaju receipe

kranthi kompally says:

Deep frying cheyakunda bake cheyocha

arun evss says:

Anna nuvu nijamgane thop anna!

Argha Saha says:

Chef! PLEASE make chicken darbari!

AAmna's Kitchen says:

oh dear i like that recipe and your lerning style thx

Makron5 says:

MSG Is fine, no those studies you've heard where MSG is bad are all wrong. No, you're not allergic to MSG. MSG is perfectly fine for you and is way safer than salt.

sajjith77 says:

Fried wontons, love it

RenkoTrader says:

i prefer my dumpling's steamed not fried

Minibus009 says:

Look yummy 🙂 thank you 

kokoro nagomu says:

NICE! they look like tortellinis =D

panesar94p says:

What a nice eh?

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