South American Recipe: Peruvian Chicken with Potatoes, Peas and Carrots – Seco

Video recipe on making a tasty Peruvian dish called Seco. This recipe is made with chicken but you can also make it with beef if you like. Enjoy!


Desiree Tarrillo says:

My husbands favorite Peruvian food is ribs, do you know how to make that
Peruvian style? I would love to learn this recipe, but can’t find any on

Desiree Tarrillo says:

My husband’s family is Peruvian, my mother-in-law is an incredible cook!
Unfortunately she lives in Peru & we live in the states so I have very
littler opportunity to learn from her. Thank you for sharing this delicious
chicken recipe, I plan to make it for my husband for tonight’s supper, &
hopefully he will be reminded of his mother’s cooking! 🙂 I love the
simplicity of this recipe, it doesn’t take too much time & the ingredients
are all easily available. Thank you for sharing!

chicolatinojp says:

parece sopa tia, ese seco esta bien mojado…

Cynthia Tejada says:

Tiene mucha agua!!!

dagreatmuta says:

tu eres hermosa

429claudiap says:

Seco de pollo* stupid auto correct

mariapgoldman says:

I love your recipe!!! easy, colorfull,elegant and juicy, Thank you so much

ValenciaHUN says:


1310monster says:

Why is the audio so low???? Why would you make a video then try to do the
audio so low that no one can understand? Is it because you are selling a

Rizio Val says:

eso no parece un seco de pollo. mas parece un aguaito que otra cosa.
“frozen is tasty”…. frozen isn’t fresh so its not going to be as tasty as
fresh food would be. para beginners el video esta normal pero conociendo
comida peruana y trabajando en la cocina el seco se cocina diferente.

malniit says:

¡Se ve delicioso! Voy a tentar esta receta. Muchas gracias. Por favor haga
más videos–quizás papas rellenas. 🙂 Saludos

dachicagoan says:

I have made this before I would only like to add not to cover the pot after
adding the potatoes so the sauce isn’t so watery for better presentation.
Also I would probably add another teaspoon of aji amarillo.

dachicagoan says:

too much water, it looks like Aguadito de pollo.

lavish61 says:

looks really tasty..I will try this recipe thanks…

mike3801 says:

I have made your recipe many times now and it comes out perfect each and
every time. Thank you for a great recipe.

peruvianin30 says:

I’m glad you enjoyed my video. Here are the ingredients for the recipe.
Please check out my book. Chicken breast, thighs 1/2 cup oil 1 tbsp aji
amarillo paste 1 medium-sized onion, thinly diced 1 tsp garlic, minced 1
tsp cumin 1/2 bunch cilantro, washed and dried 1 cup chicken broth or 1
cube chicken bouillon diluted in 1 cup water 1/2 cup dry white wine Salt
and pepper to taste 3 medium sized potatoes 1 cup of frozen vegetables,
mixed (carrots and green peas) Juice of 1/2 lime

chubybooboo says:

it looks like soup

The Great Punkster says:

thank you for this recipe will try it out this weekend. also you remind me
of my mother. :’ )

Laudyvon Gladish says:

Thank you for sharing in English 🙂 Please make more videos. Don’t mind the
negative reviews on your other video. You are doing a good job..most videos
are in spanish & its gives those who don’t speak language to cook these
great recipes.

429claudiap says:

I make second de pillow all the time and u know what you mean the frozen
peas do taste better less like a pea and helps the dish thicken….what I
do so that this dish is not to watery is add like 4/5 crackers…it throw a
potato before all the rest let it cook for 7 min mash ut and then throw in
the other potatoes

huesolargo says:

Bastaaaaaa con el el aguadito!!!

the witches of east end says:

i cant hear you but yoiur video is nterseting i love peruvian food it is my
fav kind of food so many diffrent viareties i hope to learn how to cook
from u 🙂

TheNena444 says:

Esta muy aguado.

dagreatmuta says:

tu eres hermosa…mi peru wow

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