South American Seafood Dish: How to Make Healthy Peruvian Ceviche

Video recipe on making a refreshing seafood dish from Peru – Ceviche. Enjoy!


mari194157 says:

That’s not the proper way to make ceviche. Like yeah I guess right
ingredient but how u did it.Just No.

Salam Shamoon says:

Get a smaller bowl will ya. Fucked up the ceviche

lydacious2121 says:

Um…. you keep saying “lemon”. It’s made with Limes not lemons 🙁

Stacy Fer says:


shakaama says:

she cuts like she’s bashing the ingredients with a club.

Marlene Molina says:

two sexxxy individuals cookin’ in the kitchen

Andres Barragan says:

Peruvian ceviche OF COURSE it’s supposed to be a spicy dish!!!

Astro Gaming says:

your right

Bob Marley says:

You must wait 1-2 hours until it is done! Greetings from Peru.

ottam says:

That was some cringe-worthy chemistry between those two.

toriedenise516 says:

That lady keeps looking at him like she wants to gobble him up, lol!

MegaLrrp says:

Sexual tension much

September Rain says:

Looks like those 2 wanna bang each other. Lol.

mhks68 says:


afroditagbc says:

They like each other I can tell

Jesse James says:

parsley, ugh… CILANTRO!!! bomb

StrawberrySugarLemon says:

Esos 2 tienen su Romance!!

John Lujan says:

bing pop mofo

mhks68 says:

aka and before!!!!!

lana Del says:

as a peruvian I must say this video was not good at all….

joserey mahinay says:

you two make a lovely couple

hanzmari says:

Don`t be mean guys ahahhaha I didn’t like it at all but at least they are
trying XD You can’t expect they can find the right ingredients if they
aren’t in peru. De todas formas es gracioso verlos intentarlo

ItsSnowflakeFilms says:


Thu Nguyen says:

I was waiting for you guys to upload a new cooking related video….

hooversideadam says:

Looks good

KTKuhBOOM says:


Mireli Loya says:

It is not peruvian ceviche -.- Ceviche without “rocoto” or “aji amarillo”
is not peruvian ceviche please dont say that !!

Max Kop says:

I think is mexican ceviche. I agree, it doesnt look edible!

chileroyeno says:

She obviously has no knife skills or basic common sense… On top of the
fact that she seems a bit possessive of her kitchen. Two things i
recommend… Learn how to use a knife, and second a bigger bowl would’ve
definitely come in very handy.

giancarloet2009 says:

bueno esto es una buena imitacion del ceviche original ,el aji debe ser aji

playazbestpimp says:

I admire your curiosity in ceviche as a Peruvian its a plate made every
Sunday in my house, unfortunately in this household its a sacred recipe..
like Italians and there sauce!! It’s what makes you stand out from the rest
and makes them talk about your dish to friends. One thing that I must add
you can have the dish with in option of how spicy you want it but u never
hear( not spicy ) if so stick to bacala. #justsaying and don’t remove the
juices. Leche de tigre is a diff recipe. VIVA PERU

leadchest says:

I am Peruvian, this isn’t accurate. Use aji limo or aji amarillo, ceviche
needs to be spicy. True fish used is silverside fish, flounder, or anything
very fresh. Onions need to be presoaked in salt water and drained before
being put in. They needed more lime because it needs to cover to the top!
Purée your garlic and aji (peppers) before mixing and generous amount of
salt. Look up gaston acurio for really good ceviches.

HardRuisu says:

If it ain’t spicy it ain’t authentic Peruvian ceviche.

Sergio Chavez says:

swai fish is the bessttt !

SuperMaestroIvan says:

That is not a peruvian ceviche, it’s so weird, you would have got al least
some ajinomoto to improve that.

paismonster says:

what are they on E?

OneBullshitt says:

What a crap this is not Peruvian Ceviche >:(

codyh00 says:


MakY19P3rU says:

No no no no this is wrong

CLARA3952 says:

right???? the bowl was ridiculous and did not allow all the stuff to be in
the lime juice also 5 minutes to cook???? I don’t think so,,,,

campingtree102 says:

yes, it has shrimp, we like to pour in Clamato, a type of juice liquid and
other things.

Ed S. says:

Its important that the Garlic is Pureed. Its also important, that the Salt,
Garlic, is mixed before the Lime Juice goes in. I also recommend you use
Talapia, its the closest to the Real Fish that they use in Peru. The Fish
needs to be Cubed cut. The RED Onion needs to be cut thin long NOT diced.
Also needs to be Washed with HOT water to take out the tar from the red
onions. In Peru, the Red onions are Sweet. In USA, the Red onions have a
tar taste.



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