South American Recipe: How to Make a Peruvian Chicken “Pollo a la Brasa” Dish

Video recipe on a twist on making a chicken Peruvian style, sort of. Enjoy!


The Bald Chef says:

To cook real Peruvian Chicken Ala Brasa it should be cooked over live
charcoal, I cooked this recipe on a gas grill. I thank you could make a
great rendition of this by first baking the chicken in the early stages and
then go to broiling the Chicken in the last stages. Never tried it but I
think you would make a great tasting chicken dish. Thanks for the post!

EZGlutenFree says:

This looks great. Your recipes all look so exotic. I cant believe how juicy
the finished product looks. Another awesome recipe my friend. You’re an
inspiration to us all.

The Bald Chef says:

This is a beer butt chicken recipe no doubt! But the recipe has real nice
twist it’s a poor man’s Peruvian Chicken Ala Brasa Recipe. Easy to make and
great to eat. This other recipe you saw looks very interring might just
need to cook up this cool sounding chicken recipe . Thanks for your great
comment and new ideas, we will talk soon!

mazdaplz says:

definite Tie sound at the end, like a neck tie. hwa ka tie

The Bald Chef says:

Peruvian Chicken Ala Brasa Recipe is made moist and delicious with the beer
butt method of cooking. Thanks for your comment.

The Bald Chef says:

Thanks for your nice comments! Peruvian Chicken Ala Brasa is not a hard
recipe to make, please give it a try!

The Bald Chef says:

Get those coals ready and prepare your taste buds for a treat! This
Peruvian Chicken Ala Brasa should be a great addition to your video
collection. With real heat from your grill you will knock my video and
recipe out of the Park.

joed596 says:

It’s so great that you share all your worldly cuisine knowledge with us
YouTubers, Glen! Thanks again for your great videos . . . . Joe 🙂

The Root Boy Cooks ! says:

What was that green stuff in the marinade?

The Bald Chef says:

Thanks Joe for your close attention to my channel on cooking foods from
around the world. You are my friend and I thank you for your support!

Bob Lehman says:

Love your stuff Chef!

mazdaplz says:

the pronunciation is Hwa-Ka-Tie

Asiancookingmadeeasy says:

This looks so moist and delicious! I love all of the flavors in this 🙂

The Bald Chef says:

Peruvian restaurant owners love their roast chicken. This Peruvian Chicken
Ala Brasa is a recipe that you can make at your home kitchen. Thanks for
your love and keep on cooking!

SmokeyGoodness says:

…”Huaucaty paste”… I’m taking notes! I’ve gotta try this over the coals

ShalimarPerfume says:

Beer can chicken YUM. I got to try it with the spices you use. I was
watching a food program a couple days ago and the chef was doing brick
chicken on top of the stove and finishing it off in the oven, then making a
sauce with the drippings. You flatten the whole chicken out and put a
couple tin foil bricks on it. In a cast iron fry pan. Have to try that

lageuleuse says:

Merci beaucoup. J’ai adore el pollo à la Braza peruano.

The Bald Chef says:

One must have a good memory to be able to keep the promises that one makes.
In this video I said I would reveal the secret Peruvian spice Huaucatay
paste, black mint. That was the spice used in my Peruvian chicken recipe.
Thanks for asking me to mention this, you have a keen memory, and as always
thanks for the comments!

The Bald Chef says:

Ah now the French people can enjoy this recipe for Peruvian Chicken Ala
Brasa! Thanks:)

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