South American Recipe: Make a Home Made Peruvian Lomo Saltado

Excellent video recipe on making a Lomo Saltado from Peru with onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, etc. Very simple dish to make. Enjoy!


James Strange says:

Manuel it is nice to meet you. I also love lomo saltado.

manuel aguero altmann says:

Elemental V — Utp — teacher; G. Rojas that delight lomo saltado is my
favorite dish; My name is Manuel agüero altmann.

twix0rz says:

Looks simple but delicious! Thanks. 🙂

uzedneb1 says:

buena colorao , me gusta tu estilo ,te salio bueno ese lomo

James Strange says:

@MrPaul3473 You are right about the food in Peru.La comida peruana es muy
buena.It is hard to find good Peruvian food in the US (outside of large
cities. Most of the chinese in Peru were cantonese and aji is not common in
there food. It is a very interesting pice of history of how the Chinese in
Peru used papas and aji and other food native to Peru. As a note Chinese
from Schezwan use a lot of very spicy aji.

James Strange says:

Sorry I did not write down what I added exact measurements. I should have
because I was very happy with it. I do plan to cook this again from a
recipe. I did look at several recipes before cooking this I added a link to
the recipe that gave me most of the inspiration.

Maangchi says:

Super easy recipe, thanks!

James Strange says:

Gracias por las palabras bonitas.

James Strange says:

@pinkaliciouss08 Yep I miss them. Heading home today for Thnaksgiving!

James Strange says:

@Maangchi Your welcome!

James Strange says:

@twix0rz As long as you everything ready before you start to cook it is
very simple. It is also a very good dish.

Jourdan Gonzalez says:

chef do you have the exact measurements for this?

Humberto Esquivel says:

Este video esta buenazo! Gracias mañana voy a comer mi lomito saltado que
extraño de mi querido Perú !

pinky pink says:

cool! thanks for the video! do you miss your family! your daughter loved
your cooking!

James Strange says:

Gracias. Me encanta la comida peruana.

Jourdan Gonzalez says:

im looking to get maybe enough for 4-5 servings?

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