South American Recipe: How to Make Delicious Peruvian Style Chicken Rice Soup

Video recipe on making a chicken rice soup from Peru. Very hearthy and delicious dish. Enjoy!


nikki dee says:

wow gotta make it, it looks great thanks for sharing..

Zsanine Turner says:

There was a wonderful salad dressing. It was simple like ranch but really
sour. And a chimichurri they served at that chicken rest. Corky’s I think.
Awesome. Bueno pues, asi no fue a mi casa en Surquillo. Entonces nunca
aprendi como prepararla. Can you help? And where in the world can I get
some aji! I can’t make one drop of seco w/o it. Help Luis.

Zsanine Turner says:

I lived in Peru a few years and really miss the food, as anyone would.
Thank you so much for the videos. Working at Berlitz, I never had a minute
to learn HOW to make all the tummy things my mother-in-law was making.

EdithIsTheBest90 says:

Im totally making this

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