South American Recipe: How to Grilled Beef Heart Using a Peruvian Anticuchos Marinade

Video recipe on grilling a beef heart using a Peruvian method. Enjoy!


mazdaplz says:

it gets a bit tough if you let it dry. the texture is very chewy, it’s not
like regular beef, it’s just a little bit rubbery, but not in a bad way,
not because it’s tough meat but because it’s such a tender muscle πŸ˜›

dachicagoan says:

it shouldn’t be that tough, but maybe you overcooked it a little. I think
it tastes best when it’s cooked 2 minutes per side, it should be pink
inside and very minimally bloody. the sizes you used were just right, no
need to adjust.

mazdaplz says:

yup grill is a must!! sorry it didnt turn out well.

vinicius quaresma says:

will try it tonight. whats the song?

Dion Wee says:

You need to remove all the veins and membrane (all that white shiny stuff)
so that you have a nice fillet before you chop it to pieces, as those veins
are very tough to chew on. Also, with beef heart you have to either cook it
on a quickly on a high heat, or slowly on a low heat. If you’re going to
kill an animal, you may as well eat the whole thing I say. Tasty.

jklinevideos says:

i want to make this for a dinner party! whats the texture like? does it get
tough if you over cook it?

jklinevideos says:

I cooked a beef heart for a dinner party. I came out really tough (I did
overcook it). I doubt I’ll be making this again. It was pretty expensive
and I didn’t feel like it was worth the effort. It might have turned out
differently if I marinated it and cooked it on a grill…. but oh well.

Willie Vadnais says:

grass fed beef is about half the size of normal commercial beef, so
probably closer to veal, it’s definitely not veal, I bought half the cow πŸ˜‰

dachicagoan says:

that’s it, you used cucumbers instead of potatoes. I’m calling my lawyer

WatiTheChef says:


jacklatin66 says:

very good

TastyMemories says:

Mmm love anticuchos! Awesome marinade! I heart this πŸ˜‰

dachicagoan says:

you used guajilo peppers instead of aji panca? you should be sued. j/k

dbassir87 says:

Looks so good! I just prepared mine the same way but with an Asian marinade
(garlic, ginger, onion, brown sugar, vinegar, soy sauce, and siracha) so

zarnac2401 says:

Probably not much difference using veal heart yeah? I bought one on a whim
at the super market yesterday. I almost kind of wonder… given the size of
the organ you are cutting up in the beginning, and what an adult 1600 pound
cow’s would look like -size, might you be using veal heart too? Life’s
perplexing mysteries… Good video.

Mojokiller ShiftTwo says:

I am a fan of “Anticuchos” from La Punta Callao in PerΓΊ and at the begining
yes u make sounds like: ” ewww heart? ur nuts” but when u smell it and try
it once u will be laughing after when u realize the great taste u were
missing ‘‘‘‘

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