Easy Recipe on How to Make a Simple Chicharron con Chile

Simple easy recipe on making Chicharron con Chile at home. Enjoy!


mzcaligirl731 says:

That’s what i’m taking about! 🙂 Good video as always!! ♥

M2RTH283 says:

Love ur videos 

Elizabeth Smith says:

Abuela is so adorable! New dish to try!! Thank you for bringing some Mexico
to my kitchen! God bless you both!

onelifeonewayvid says:

Thank u!

Allen Stinnett says:

I love your sweet Grandma and she has a good sense of humor.

onelifeonewayvid says:

Thank u! 😉

onelifeonewayvid says:

Sorry about your grandmother. 🙁 May God’s peace and love comfort you and
your family.

mariela1cisneros says:

Sweet sweet Lady. My grandma just passed away and she reminds me so much of
her. Can help but Cry. Great videos!!

Sylvia Lopez says:

Wow I just Love all those recipes, I cook all that, but your gramas look
good & different to

onelifeonewayvid says:

Thank u so much! I”ll ask her about that.

alca107 says:

I love me some chicharrones en Chile Colorado! I miss my grandmothers and
their cooking. I was blessed to have them both in my life for many joyful
years. are you going to cook some Nopleitos con costillas de Puerco en
chile verde? Please,,please!!!

onelifeonewayvid says:


Dario Bustamante says:

la señora me recordó a mi abuelita, gracias por el video.

onelifeonewayvid says:

Muchas gracias!

elena lara says:

Viejita Linda!!, no la conosco y ya la quiero, jijijijiji, yo quiero una
abuelita asi en mi casa 🙂 las acabo de encontrar y me ha facinado el
canal…. Me quedo con el 😀

onelifeonewayvid says:

Sounds beautiful! I love that same question. Blessings!

tcela1 says:

Nothing better than grandma’s cooking. Thank you and grandma. I miss my
mom’s cooking, coming home from work and the kitchen busy with my mom
cooking up a storm. I now enjoy my family saying how good the kitchen
smells and my favorite question, “what you cookin, sure smells good”. Mucho
love from E.L.A.

onelifeonewayvid says:

That’s awesome! Happy cooking!

Jeanette Alexander says:

I don’t understand Spanish but your abuela is my favorite. She makes it so
easy to follow her recipes…I watch all of her videos and she encourages
me to cook from scratch…yum….thank you so much

onelifeonewayvid says:

Awww thank u! Blessings!

Ana De Anda says:

Oh man, I’m in love… I love your grandma…. she’s blessed with her
cooking….. abuelita, la quiero in chin….go…. que diosito me la
bendiga, siga compartirndo sus recetas,

onelifeonewayvid says:

Thank u 🙂

0livia15 says:

Love your Grandma(=

onelifeonewayvid says:

MMMM awesome!

onelifeonewayvid says:

LOL!!!! Oh man, this mad us crack up so much! Let us know how it turns out
and saludos hasta Tejas!

onelifeonewayvid says:

Awww gracias!

onelifeonewayvid says:


Evie A says:

Un besote

jane obama says:

que hermosa abuelita y que rico chicharrón en salsa.gracias

elchewtoy says:

So simple. … I would not have thought it. The first and only time I
attempted to make this plate was when I was in college. A bag of
chicharones caught my eye, 0 tansfat… I boiled some can salsa added the
chicharones and covered fir 10 min. When I opened the pot, all I saw was a
cream colored streak in the red salas… jajaja I looked at the chicharon
bag again… they were fake chicharones made of flower…. never again.
Until now, I must try your grandma’s recipe. Hugs from Texas.

ginalynn143 says:

I never knew you could re-constitute the chicharones like this!! My mamma
made this the other day and they were delicious! Gracias!

onelifeonewayvid says:

Muchas gracias! Bendiciones!

Salome Vazquez says:

Que hermosa.. la señora de rojo… se ve muy amable y da muy bien la
receta, se antoja

onelifeonewayvid says:

No, we are from California. 🙂

arivera3co7oh says:

Are u guys from sa tx

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