Bolivian Recipe: How to Make Bolivian Pork Chicharron or Carnitas

Video homemade recipe on making a tasty South American pork chicharron or carnitas. This recipe is from Bolivia. Enjoy!


The Frugal Chef says:

Thank you! Really appreciate it! Have a wonderful week!

The Frugal Chef says:

Not all chicharron in Mexican. This is the way chicharron in made in South
America – Bolivia specifically. It is also called chicharon down there and
is not made of skins. Thanks for coming by.

ztetnies says:

CORONA! You know whats up!

blood2280 says:

im ecuadorian and im sorry but…your doing wayyy to much just to make

badboyfern says:

First of all, these are carnitas not chicharron!!! Chicharron is the pork
skin, not meat. I agree with you latinking

The Frugal Chef says:

@WB05Karl Thank you so much for your comment! I really appreciate it! Take

latinkinginc says:

esta pinche vieja no sabe ni madre de carnitas

The Frugal Chef says:

I hope you do and I hope it comes out perfect for you! Thank you for
stopping by!

The Frugal Chef says:

@ztetnies Thanks for coming by!

The Frugal Chef says:

Why not!

The Frugal Chef says:

Also, latinking says these are not carnitas so you guys might want to get
your stories straight. Si se la diferencia entre carnitas y chicharron-
simplemente no el Mejicano. Existen otros paises en el mundo.

kcmex says:

RIP Corona!! lol I love this chef!

brindixi1 says:


Manuel Arias says:

Can I have one of them Coronas?

The Frugal Chef says:

@1MaskedMexican Thanks for coming by. Have a wonderful day!

alex aguilar says:

Lo que quedo al ultimo parecia más un guisado que carnitas

MegaMeromaro says:

jest add salt . i think u got to much meat chicharon is the pig skin and
the fat …u said it its more like carnitas but it made me want to go buy

outlawbandido says:

looks like bolivian chicharron!!! yummm!!!!

uglyestprince69 says:

Easy to make I know how to make it.. I love it fresh out the Pot of LARD
haha ! but those Pork she using is too LEAN ! No Good.. You need more fat
and skin.

Manuel Arias says:

Non alcoholic beer. That should do the trick 🙂

The Frugal Chef says:

@zamora721 Point taken Zamora! Thanks for coming by. Que tengas un buen dia.

cheris34 says:

Ohhh yummyyyy!!! Gonna try this!!! I have a question..Have you ever made
the mexican version of chicharrons before?

The Frugal Chef says:

@kcmex Thanks for coming by!

EH CBunny says:

July 3rd, my butcher gave me a 6 pound eye of round roast. He said I was a
good customer and he rather give it to me than grind it into hamburger
meat. He said it could be cooked whole, or sliced into filet mignon. My
neighbor said it is not filet mignon. What else can I do with it, latino
style? I have it in the freezer, and I don’t want it to end up freezer

DLSea Studios says:

But is it CHEAPER?

Jheric Adams says:

i taught chicarron is crispy? :/

The Frugal Chef says:

@fabiLeon5 I don’t know what part of Bolivia you are form but I have lived
here for over 30 years and this is exactly how we make it. So, as always,
no recipe is written in stone. We all cook a little differently. Thank you
for coming by.

Jorpolita24 says:

Usted si sabe como haver el chicharron de nuestra bella Bolivia… Yo fui
criada ahi.. Pero soy definitivamente boliviana.. Y nuestra comida es lo
mas delicioso que hay..! Vivi en Sucre by the way..! Congrats..!

lovelyhairbear says:

i love Hispanic food! i just subscribed! looking forward to more videos

edwin paredes says:


The Frugal Chef says:

@12quillemall5321 HI there! I am sorry I took so long! I would use the meat
a couple pounds at a time to make steak adobo or marinated steak tacos or
beef picadillo. If you froze the whole thing, partially thaw it, cut it
into thirds and refreeze it. You could also use the whole thing for a
Mexican style pot roast by using ingredients like cumin, cilantro and even
salsa on the meat. Have a great weekend!

Kurosau says:

Can you suggest a replacement for the beer for those of us that can’t cook
with alcohol?

The Frugal Chef says:

@redeyeslikk79 Thank you! Have a great week!

The Frugal Chef says:

@SugarSigur Amen! Thank you very much for this! Have a great weekend!

erikajade100 says:

wow ilike chicharon

zamora721 says:

(run out of space)senora listen to your self.I’M GOING TO SHOW U HOW TO
only country inthe world,but your viewers r not all from one country maybe in the future u should specified what beutiful part of the
world the dish is from,&make the people of the region feel good

UltimateAudio936 says:

chicharrones is pork skins and carnitas are beef lungs liver and all that
good stuff.

The Frugal Chef says:

@timbuktu93 Thank you!

EH CBunny says:

@pastryparrot1 Those are all great ideas. Thanks so much for the response.
Those recipes sound so tasty. I can’t wait to make them. 🙂

SugarSigur says:

@zamora721 @blood2280 @pastryparrot1 that’s the beautiful thing about
Latin-style foods…every family or cook has their own unique process to
make their dishes. That’s why it’s so hard to just google and find a
recipe…it takes trial, error, and personal preference to determine the
way each person likes to make the dish! ; )

NAURIS707 says:

lol. im gonna drink this other beer.

The Frugal Chef says:

@blood2280 Show us how you do it! We will all be happy to see your video!
Thanks for coming by!

fadedflame03 says:

Does anyone know the difference between chicharrones and carnitas? It’s a
genuine question.

FooFoo2013 says:

looks good

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