Mexican Recipe: How to Make Tacos al Pastor – Grilled Pork and Pineapple on Tortillas

Make an authentic Mexican taco from scratch. Great Mexican dish for any occasion. Enjoy!


DrGoyo626 says:

Good recipe. I personally would have blistered the skin of the chiles after deseeding them similar to what you did to the tomato. Also, the pork can be stacked with layers of onion in a shawarma and slow roasted. Produces great flavor.

Olzhas Ibrayev says:

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carita30108 says:

Im totally agree about the music is not so god, and all tge reciepe ist fine, you failt in the sause, they’re alot of mexican sauces but there is just one for the al pastor, and it’s not the one you choose

dermaphoria1 says:

the background music is irritating

Angélica Korse-Pettersen says:

There are too many ingredients that are impossible to find here in Norway for me to try this recipe, but it looks yummy! The same goes for the salsa, tomatillos are a no show in Norway, I’m afraid 🙁

AllrecipesUK says:

Thank you! Do let us know if you try it. The sauce is a tomatillo salsa – you can find the recipe on our site, and we also have a video for it here on YouTube

Angélica Korse-Pettersen says:

That looks delicious. What’s the sauce you put on at the end? Do you have a recipe for it? Thanks.

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