Mexican Recipe: How to Make Street Taco With Flat Steak on Your Grill

Great Mexican street food flat steak taco done on your own grill. Enjoy!!


amoon4u1 says:

Lol 2:08… ok btw looks yummy =L

lauk05 says:

you are one cheesy dude
thanks  for the recipe though

Anas Mouakkil says:

you did get back to the house and you didn’t put the jacket on !! lol

silvRboLt95 says:

Where do you live in California that has that amount of snow? XD

Walter Guevara says:

I like how you used actual tortillas instead of the white people hard shell stuff. Good stuff though.

ghankghank says:

We knew you were Mexican from the way you spelled recipe.

Suproctologo says:

They look amazingly good and almost authentic, I loved the paper it is wrapped in just like authentic tacos, way to go : )

Edgar Rome says:

If you like the tacos al carbon you got to eat tacos de barbacoa,whit onion.
And,if do you like to the mexican food,if you have the opportunity go to México,to the Jalisco state and eat the tortas ahogadas,they are pretty good.
-Tapatio experience.

AriR6R says:

O had a beef taco with this fajita type meat that was sooo tender and tasty. I hope this is the recipe.

aanyamehta says:

Hi I tried this recipe with chicken. It came out good. I forgot to add water to the marinate sauce so it was little sour but will definitely try again with water. Thanks for sharing your recipes 🙂

ashley moore says:

My mouth is watering!

derek pearman says:

Just out of curiosity, is there a reason why you don’t put the tortillas on the grill to get a little bit of a char on them? We usually toast ours in a skillet for a few seconds but I guess it’s personal preference. Either way, cool recipe. I’ve been following your videos for years. First video I ever saw was the fish taco recipe. Now I look forward to every new video. Can’t wait for the pellet smoker videos. Cheers

Akchumplife247 says:

Looks like you had an imaginary roach haha. I don’t know why I like watching cooking videos so much. Looks good

MegaBravo01 says:

4:10 Hey Chef! Your stove.. still on

Chef Tips says:

Thank you!

Sybreeds says:

Yup this a real Mexican taco.. you my friend did it the right way xD

Chef Tips says:

Thank you for the nice comment!

Chef Tips says:

Haha! Thank you!
The sauce is really easy to make. Check out video “avocado salsa.”

Luisthechaos says:

I’m mexican and I approve these resepy

Febrezay says:

I want that avocado sauce. and it’s nice to see at the end your happy with a laughter

Chef Tips says:

Thanks for taking the time and sharing that! I like good comments!

derek pearman says:

Been a long time since i have left a comment on one of your videos. this recipes looks really good. We did one that I used ribeye steak for. the marinade was 1/4 cup oil, juice of 2 limes, 2 garlic cloves, 1-2 tbl of adobo, salt, tsp of cumin, and tsp of chili powder. that was one of the best marinades i’ve ever used. i like using mine on charcoal to add smokiness, but when it’s cold outside, like in your video, keeping a constant temp is hard. hence, the gas grill comes in handy. Cheers

Chef Tips says:

Thank you! Hope you enjoyed them.

jan3kmiura says:

I will definitely try this tomorrow! Your recipes are awesome always!

Chef Tips says:

Haha! I hear ya! Next time I will….


Wifey’s gonna be SO pissed if u contract the nasty strain of flu in the name of a mere utube video. Put on a jacket!– And a scarf/hat!

diego roman says:

Your vids a re awesome lol@ smoking a dooby part

phychmasher says:

Made it tonight, and loved it!!

reyes1234567 says:

That’s looks good

Robert Ward says:

Made my version using leftover slow cooked “country style” pork ribs-in other words, cut up pork butt. Diced’em up, refried them with a bit of taco seasoning and cumin. Yummy!

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