Mexican Recipe: How to Make a Mexican Style Carnitas Pizza

How to make a pizza with a Mexican spice flavored tomato sauce. Enjoy!


samuel alcala says:

damn dis takes da cake most delicious thing on this channel….so far

countroshculla says:

Pizza looks awesome. The cheese doen’t run much when it melts does it? Looked a bit chunky even after it was cooked.

Stefania Gonzalez says:

I’m Mexican and I think your pizza is really amazing and creative, I’ll try it!

Vonesh L says:

I just made carnitas for the first time the other night. I wish there would have been leftovers, I so would have made this pizza!!! Yum!

Bernardo Valdes says:

Disculpa pero creo que el concepto de la comida mexicana tuyo es erroneo la mayoria de las cosas no se preparan haci pero me da gusto que aprendan de niestra comida saludos desde México

jonbemerkin says:

i always wondered why people called it a red onion when its purple

3zib says:

I would devour that entire pie!

bbqrosenthal says:


Ballistic BBQ says:

Great modifications to this recipe! Cheers!

Ballistic BBQ says:

He sure does!

Ballistic BBQ says:

I had the “stone” made out of 3/16″ steel. Just took it to a waterjet place and had it cut in a circle. Then I sanded it and seasoned it like you would cast iron.

Ballistic BBQ says:

Here is SoCal, pretty much every grocery store carries it. It’s located in dairy isle. If you can’t find it, I’d try adding just a little heavy cream to some sour cream.

SalamenceFightsBack says:

Just curious, where do you get the Mexican sour cream from? Or what Aisle most likely would it be under?

DOS UNO says:

i want a Pizza set up like that. where do i start looking?

Joe Van Ginkel says:

Let there be no doubt about it: Chris Steltz knows his stuff about beer.

Gera G says:

I made this one yesterday, it was Fantastic!!! thank you for this great recipe
I just used queso oaxaca, cotija and gouda instead…
and chipotle on the sauce…

Keep on the good work sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saludos desde Mexico!

Scorpion11381 says:

Red wine does matter considering the tannins and how they cook. What did you use? I’ve seen your other vids for great pizza, which I tried and enjoyed. Mexican chorrizo is so greazzzy.

Ballistic BBQ says:

Pizza on the grill is soooo darn good Michael!

Ballistic BBQ says:

I have the plates made for me at a waterjet place. The specs are pretty straight forward. I have a 21.5″ semi-circle cut out of 3/16″ steel. 

Ballistic BBQ says:

LOL! Thank you for stopping by! 

Ballistic BBQ says:

It was guuud!

Ballistic BBQ says:

I know that BGN is selling them on his site.

fabiancruz77 says:

I want a shirt!

TheFileSharersRedux says:

Dat sauce!

Amy Lynn's Kitchen says:

Oh yeah… please pass me a slice! I love the different flavors on this! Definitely got to give this a try. Lunch time here and I’m starving, lol. Great video and recipe!

Tyler McWilliam says:

Can you make a video next time you cut a plate for your grill? I think that is a really cool idea.

michael landry says:

those Mexican inspired toppings look really good. I’ve been wanting to do pizza on my grill and your pizzas are inspiring,

Ballistic BBQ says:

My kind of crust too Tom. I love a thin crust!

Ballistic BBQ says:

Thank you Allen! Cheers brotha’

Ballistic BBQ says:

Believe me… Sometimes when I’m Jones’n for pizza, the cheap pies do the job just fine!

Ballistic BBQ says:

Thank you John!

ManCaveMeals says:

Lookin’ good again Greg! I’m gonna try your crust. I have been looking for a good recipe for a thin crust and this one looks like it will fit the bill. The technique is a LOT like some of the NY style pizza crusts I have seen with the 24 hour ferment in the fridge…. great stuff as usual!

rickames says:

I just left the grocery story eyeing some pizza. Cheaper & of course taste cheap compared to the big names. Now I saw this, thanks dude but I don’t feel like going back to the market. I’ll wolf it down anyway’s, but I just put this into a folder to try it another time. Well, off to DC toons & pizza I want & can’t have, & Pizza I have & don’t want! Thanks again, lol.

GrillingNetwork™ says:

See you have a new shirt!! Going to go check them out!! Again another great video my friend!! 

TheIliketocook says:

Too late!

tdjtx says:

Awesome pizza Greg, that is my kind of crust. I’ll check out beergeek.

Ballistic BBQ says:

You are spot on! That 4 blend Mexican cheese is really good too!

Ballistic BBQ says:

Thank you. The avocado really made the pie!

Ballistic BBQ says:

It tasted really good by itself!

Ballistic BBQ says:

Thank you Sheri!  Cheers!!!

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