Mexican Recipe: How to Make a Great Chicken Quesadilla with Leftover Chicken

Great authentic chicken quesadilla make from leftover chicken but taste like restaurant quality. Enjoy!


RebeccaBrandRecipes says:

es! :)

RebeccaBrandRecipes says:

Big bite! 🙂 smiles!

alba bushi says:

perfect little bite.. . . . . right..

LeoLovesNature says:

ke pendejadaaa, ke puta gringadaaa esto no es una quesadilla!!!!

Little Kitty says:

You make my tummy rumbling >///<

RebeccaBrandRecipes says:

Thank you Bailey. 

Bailey A. says:

Lady, you are so real….lol. I love this video.

swanseawales1979 says:

Thank you!

Sheppardsg1 says:

Thanks Rebecca i saw this once on tv cooking channel ages ago and i forgot what is was. Now i found this on your channel, gonna try to make that.

Cynthia Ortiz says:

That looks great! Thank you for up loading it! I’m going to try it

RebeccaBrandRecipes says:

I used to think cilantro smelled and tasted like soap! Now I love it!

neccie29210 says:

I made this it came out great! I left out the cilantro didnt like the smell

Angela Jimenez says:

I’m addicted to quesadillas lol

Bangz702 says:

Marry me now !

SuperMusicman1975 says:

she said slide haha, you should rub your homemade sauce all over your self and slide on the floor ……

Olivia McCarthy says:

you’re makeing me hungry. 🙂

mia smithlewis says:

im kind of surprised that u aren’t fat or thick lol but do u work out because I would love to have your body and eat like you

Marco essam says:

Take care about you fingers :

Paula Sánchez Mascaraque says:

Just took a look at some of your videos and I have to say, they’re absolutely fantastic! Very easy to make and fun to watch! I’m totally subscribing to your awesome channel. Thank you, Rebecca 😀

YPrtn says:

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djpaulgreenwood says:


RebeccaBrandRecipes says:

Thank You Shania!
Keep giving me your support!

shania vu says:


blastyankemonka says:

Nice recipe, if you want to do it the real mexican way, don’t add all those vegetables in the tortilla, vegetables are opciona, not everyone likes them, cilantro goes just with onion, that red pepper is not included in quesadillas, red pepper goes with other dishes, because pepper is a gift from Spain, you see mexican culture is a mix of spanish, native mexicans, and africans… Well that’s too much of history, try to make your own spicy sauce, remember mexican dishes are not sweet, im mexican!

Thianro Uklian says:

Who eat the other 3 pieces?

RebeccaBrandRecipes says:

That’s so great, I really love the “mock” chile relleno aspect! Glad your hubby’s on board with this one!

pfeifersheena says:

I tried this recipe and it is absolutely wonderful!! Thank you and my husband thanks you too:)

Federico Gonzalez says:


catlaine says:

I love Quesadilla. Thanks for the recipe . I would like to cook this week. Yum!

Sybreeds says:

Im eating a Quesadilla while watching this lol

carocerr says:

I’ve actually been craving a chicken fajita quesadilla 🙁

cocozuchanel says:

What I really like about your style of cooking is that it’s fast and not complicated. I have a little daughter (almost 3 years old) and I’m going to start working again in a few weeks and I’m still looking for meals that I can prepare in a twinkling of an eye! And now that quesedilla is perfect for a working mum without much time 🙂 today I tried out your onion rings and they were awesome!!!!

Ghee mc ghee says:

im going to make one tomorrow =)

L Martin says:

Looks so yummy! My mouth is watery and my stomach is flipping!

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