Three (3) Whole Pigs Roast Barbecued Low and Slow with Head and All – BBQ Pit Boys

How to barbecue whole piglets with beans and vegetables. Interesting video even if you are not going to do it yourself.


bama lee says:

Can I use my kingsford grill

Martin Heuts says:

grow up…learn how life works and how humans lived and maybe then you might want to think of posting something smart down here. Cuz what you said was really stupid. You buy that meat at the supermarket for crying out loud!

Martin Heuts says:

Hillbilly morons! You don’t heat up every part of a pig at the same time!
I hope you taste some shit while eating that peace of crap.
You really got to know how to slice an animal before cooking parts of it. For fuck sake!

Michael Mendez says:

beside the gator roast this is the BeSt Video and way better eatN.

Gregory Gold says:

Word! No one adds BBQ of Guam into Memphis BBQ or Texas BBQ!

Hunter Watson says:

not murder if you eat it dumbass

Hunter Watson says:

congrats have fun eating lettuce which in itself is also considered a type of meat lmao

brownsa9577 says:

What happens to all of that food after the video?

adriendelattre says:

Just thought about it too

Jenifer Yasmin Umal says:

That is originally from Philippines called LECHON. It’s so famous and delicious. No one could resist it. 🙂

jpomac360 says:

Man this is creepy

Drum bum says:

can we all just agree that pig is fucking delicious no matter how you cook it…it’s where bacon comes from for fuck sake!

itwasntbho says:

Just became a vegitarian…

changokid says:

Grow the fuck up Jean.

Jeanx Patho says:

Dude, stfu. You eat pork too and this makes you go vegan? lol ignorant faggot

changokid says:

This video makes me want to go vegan. Poor piggies

changokid says:

Aww poor pigs. Pigs are the 4th smartest animal and are actually as smart as a 3 year old. Too bad we murder them.

Viktor Eremita says:

Looks delicious. First time that I saw, that someone done it like that. But I’m curious: why dont you guys eat the skin? Then, again this is different style of roasting. I have done it with long wooden skewer and on open fire. Then you get crispy yummy skin. Looks great though.
Greetings from Serbia

chingchongnoodles says:

LOL. No please seriously looks silly especially since we know your bbq pit boys

BarbecueWeb says:

will try…! -BBQ Pit Boys

chingchongnoodles says:

lol Dear BBQ PIT BOYS please stop adding BBQ PIT BOYS at the end of your comment – BBQ PIT BOYS

RedondoBeach2 says:

BBQ Pit Boys, can I get your advice on what smoker to buy? I researched several. The Backwoods Smokers seem to be well built. I’m considering their Fatboy model. However, after seeing the many videos you have made, I’m wondering if it might not be versatile enough to cook all the great meals I’ve seen in your videos. Then again the Backwoods is strictly for smoking. Would you recommend getting it and possibly a good grill to go with it just for grilling? I appreciate your thoughts and others

benisisballin says:

No, bombing the pigs would not be a good idea…

BarbecueWeb says:

Hey, Vasa from Serbia…..there’s more than one way to roast a Pig! Say hi to your grandma for us…! -BBQ Pit Boys

Vasa Maric says:

i vi to zovete rostilj moja baba moze bolje bez drvenog raznja nema posla i rucno da se okrece jedno 5h da se i prase i okretac nadime dobro zalivati pivom po potrebi .
ps. za one koi neznaju prase treba nabiti na drveni razanj i dobro ucvrstiti zz from Srbija

IslandStylin94 says:

Oh shit. Didnt think anyone would comment. Ayye were just the same. Bbq with friends and fam. Beer. Music. Good food. Its all good. Respect(: oh yeah. – guam boys does it.

BarbecueWeb says:

yep, everyone says they can do whole hog better. Ever been to the American Deep South? thought not..! -BBQ Pit Boys

IslandStylin94 says:

Come to guam. We’ll show you how to bbq. Hahahha

xUdieToox says:

It doesn’t fall out of the sky or grow on trees? Well then, I have learned something today.

daniele mattioli says:

tha name of the music at 00:40 ??pleasee

MrMemmoHD says:

7:00 O___O

Bay Ugo says:

Nice. I want the crispy pork skin!

john magee says:

U should fix me a plate

hangin2theright9 says:

fuck that…this is better

hangin2theright9 says:

no it doesn’t

BarbecueWeb says:

we have some vids showing you how to remove the membrane. Some just score the ribs with a knife, and some just leave them on. Personal preference.. -BBQ Pit Boys

m4288 says:

You have to come to Puerto Rico and taste lechón a la vara. These are really good pigs fill with taste. Pork need lots of condiments (garlic, salt, pepper, coriander, oil)

mike smith says:

Hello when you have a rack of ribs and you are gonna put them on the grill do you peel the thin layer of the back of the ribs ? I’m from the North so just learning.


well , it’s right , they don’t have to , it’s not healthy at all

Dochirin says:

The negative votes come from really jealous people.

shagster1970 says:

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAArgh. I’m hungry!!!!!

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