Spicy Hamburger Recipe: How to Make a Fresh Herbs and Spices Seasoned Burgers

How to make a delicious herb seasoned hamburger with fresh ingredients. Enjoy!


asheeba singh says:

i made that seasoned burgers and it was soooooooo good. thank u aunty zori.
can u please please please show us how to make beef patties( or chicken) i
just want to see your way of making it. i have some ground beef in my
refrigerator but im not using it till i see how u make your pattie. thanks
aunt zori, i will be looking foward for the pattie recipe.

asheeba singh says:

wow!!!! tasty tasty!!!!!!

zorinaspice says:

Hi mun7701 I want to thank you for your nice comment.

0305kim says:

luv it

Barry Wilson says:

Looks great!

lcksowns says:

that looks good im going to make it thank u 🙂

zorinaspice says:

Hi there lcksowns I. Want to thank you for the comment and try the burger,
with the seasoning you uill love it,thank

mun7701 says:

nice vid

zorinaspice says:

Thank you my dear.

lcksowns says:

Ok thank you

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