Simple Easy Roast Pork Loin Topped with Bacon and Glazed with Brown Sugar

Roast Pork Tenderloin topped smartly seasoned, topped with bacon and glaze with brown sugar sauce. Enjoy!


TheSleepyWorker says:

its not overcooked hes cooked it too quickly and too high americans cant cook,Ifillet the loin, and stuff it, wrap in bacon and tie it off roast at 140 celcius for about 2 hours and basted every half hour at least.

Isaac Guest says:

Remove the top? Its called crackling.. and you EAT that lol

TheCrazyturmoil says:

And who the fuck eats camels,,,,look at comment below

TheCrazyturmoil says:

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sabacawa says:

Goats are nature’s garbage disposal, just wondering what makes them better than pigs?

Kajol L says:

Nobody should give pork to the children. Pork is a questionable meat. All parents want to give the best to their children. No parent should give the meat of such filthy animal to children. Pigs are the filthiest animal in the world who eats poops and garbages and have tape worms, parasites within its body. Besides, pork and bacon do not have outstanding benefits as to give it to the children. There are good meats like beef, goat, lamb, chicken, turkey, duck, camel, moose, deer.

BbyGurlClumzy says:

Made This Yesterday ! Def. Making This Again 🙂

RMHersey23 says:

That glaze should have gone on at about 110 degrees. New FDA cooking guidelines say that pork is now cooked at 145.

cessna17269 says:

looks good to me

Diane Godard says:

Awesome! Has become a family (and friends) favorite. Also great with “maple sugar” bacon.

Agree with temps/cooking time from other posts; reduced temp to 130 before glazing.

pinkinchpepper says:

apple juice & tsp/tbsp white vinegar

alexhortdog95 says:

Drier than the desert…..

Stacy Jean says:

you can’t say its over cooked when your the one who cooked it. unless this man came a persoanlly made it for you. you cannot say its over cooked because it was your fault. i make this about once a weak it delicious. you can tell that it doesnt need two hours about a hour does great. so before you complain that the recipe is over cooked. you should learn that recipes aren’t set in stone and you still need to check and watch the oven.

Pete Hatch says:

what can i replace the cider vinegar with?

Santazclausz says:

although i never cook before but from just a glance i could tell that its a bit dry :/
other than that i t hink its a fantastic meal!

vzsozs says:

oh god that plate looks terrible

lisa a says:

This is delicious! It was not dry at all and I’ve made it twice in two weeks!

Glen Killian says:

that definitely is fat, it isn’t dry looking at all, you don’t have to marinate them for 24 hours unless you are going to brine it…so you are wrong on several points but I’m sure you are just one of those overly critical people because it makes you feel better to tear others down even when the things you say aren’t true…you fail

Jennifer Muniz says:


xzation says:

so dry looking

Dan McD says:

Your vulgarity reveals your lack of class, breeding and education.

LookAtMeTooTV says:

He is cooking a lion not a tenderloin. That “hard layer” you speak of is the silver skin on tenderloins and ribs. Yes that needs to be removed before cooking. This however is a loin roast and that is fat on top that adds flavor and moisture!

motormommy says:

I really think that this sounds good. If the pork is too dry, all that is needed is to adjust the roasting time. I have seen several websites that say to roast at 450 for just a few minutes and then lower the oven to around 250-300 for an hour or so. I have also seen a video that suggests cutting slits in fat side and basting with pan drippings. My goodness, pretty simple really.

BTW the USDA now says that pork cooked to a temp of just 145 is safe. I always thought 160 was too done, anyway.

smilesnrich says:

No, I am not kiding. I made this video and it belongs to me. Why do you think you have any rights to it if you did not make it.

Dayummm15 says:

Are you kidding me? I hope your kidding you?

Dayummm15 says:

You’re just mad cause it’s hard.

Tim says:

i just transitioned from gordon ramsay to this.
fuck it, going back to gordon ramsay.

Supa Swish says:


Daniel Chin says:

Look at the fuken flower in that glaze, no sif? thisisnt a chef thats fuken lumpy hes just chicks shit in

neoopera says:

I am glad to see that i am not the only one that thought the pork was dry…… take forever to chew that

FtheLeftSF says:

looks great! thanks

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