Mediterranean Cooking Recipes: Tasty Mediterranean Inspired Burger

This video show a how to make a tasty burger that has a Mediterranean flavor. Delicious. Enjoy!

Thanks Dede:


dedemed says:

check my site

djd143 says:

Hey DeDe, i am a huge fan, and i really love to watch your videos, one of the reasons being u use the Food processor and i have one and sometimes i am not friends with it, bt watching you work only make me more confident! LOve 🙂

nightairbird says:

i remeber seeingvideo for arayes/ kefta and bread ..where is it ..cant find it?

MrBrownviper says:

Already bookmarked it Dede thanks! A lot of great recipes on there awesome site!

dedemed says:

you are so welcome, glad you like it, check out the written recipes on my site 🙂

MrBrownviper says:

Oh now see this is what i’m talking bout! i’m going to make this & have fries with Labneh. Thanks for sharing Dede

dedemed says:

that’s great for trying. Check out my store page on my site for some things you may need 🙂

dedemed says:


liz16BK says:

about to make some right now:) ty

dedemed says:

I agree :)

The Professor 10 says:

yeah im from detroit too, and you sound normal to me!

dedemed says:

Well you should definitely check out my site, there are a lot of great vegetarian recipes that I’m sure you will enjoy 🙂

chocolatetreee says:

hi! i am from india. and i think you are superrrr amazing! i just love ur videos!
plz can you suggest some vegetarian substitutes to ur dishes!

dedemed says:

you can just omit them 🙂

E0033 says:

I don’t like onions. Is there something I could substitute?

dedemed says:

that’s great to hear 🙂

RiceARonia says:

I made this & everyone loved it…thanks!!

dedemed says:

It’s a Detroit, MI accent :)

moccina says:

You have a Rochester NY accent

dedemed says:

Their authentic Mediterranean spices, you can get them on my website, if you can not find them in your area. 🙂

Butterfly1985 says:

that look delllllicious i wanna try it but wats seven spice and summic spice u put in the parsley and onion

haroonbh says:

what is seven spice? and where do you buy it?

cutiexbeauty says:

wow.. this looks great dede! thank you 🙂
i’ll be using my foreman grill after years.. heh.

jdkbriggs says:

funny… just last week, mayonnaise and tahini were having a party in my fridge:)

great for dipping too!

jsmith1257 says:

looks so good!!!!!!!! thank you so much!

Esunshine71 says:

good one . thanks

SamFem says:

Looks great. I am going to try it. When I go to restaurant, the portion size is always too small for the price, I can’t wait to make it myself.

SilentStickFigureThr says:

Oooh! I had sumac salad once.. It was great. This recipe looks delicious! Must try!!

dedemed says:

thank you, I know you’ll enjoy it 🙂

qutoobe says:

What could be bad about that mayonnaise recipe?! If nothing else, I’m taking that combination away and running with it! LOVE tahini and mayo, and I would have never thought to put them together-thank You for the inspiration! That has to be one fabulous burger!

koolbossjock says:

Cool!! Thanx for the quick Response.Now I know what dinner will be

dedemed says:

THanks for the comment, yes you can use sirloin, you can use any meat you like actually and it always tastes great!

koolbossjock says:

Looks great..I MABY do meat once a week,can you use Ground sirloin? Thnx in advance.

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