How to Make a Tasty Roast Pork Loin with Vegetables and Gravy

Tender and juicy roast pork loin recipe with roasted vegetable and a delicious gravy. Enjoy!


Sue Ann says:

It look sooooo yummy

Sue Ann says:

One of my friend is a pepper girl

Amanda Erasmus says:


Martine Scott says:

That’s raw chicken!!!

83prettyblack says:


Beautybaby716 says:

i will make sure of that rebecca thanks

RebeccaBrandRecipes says:

Hi legoworld840,
I do have a recipe for omelette on my channel.
Search for the following recipe on my channel and your problem will be solved.
How To Make an Omelette : Ham and Cheese Omelette Recipe

Happy Cooking!

RebeccaBrandRecipes says:

Hey Jess,
Great to hear from you!
Have a look at my other recipes too & I am sure you will enjoy them equally as well.

RebeccaBrandRecipes says:

Hey Gracia,
Thanks for watching my recipe.
I would be delighted if you would try out this scrumptious recipe and send me the picture!
Looking forward from hearing from you!

RebeccaBrandRecipes says:

Thanks Michael,
You have made my day!
I look forward from hearing from my viewers!
Always eager to know their feedback!
So keep writing to me, Mike!

legoworld840 says:

Rebecca could you do a omlet tutorial mine always go wrong and fall apart 🙁

Beautybaby716 says:

ok thanks rebecca my name is Jess by the way in case you were wondering

gracia asik says:

wanna try this recipe!amazing and so easy to make!thanks for sharing this recipe!god bless!

Michael Singer says:

As usual what a delicious looking recipe. I know I’ll try this real soon. And as per usual your videos are an absolute delight to watch. Please take care and keep up the good work, Mike.

p.s. I very rarely write a response (I wrote you once before) but I just felt compelled this time because I haven’t done so in a while and you are such an absolute joy to watch.

RebeccaBrandRecipes says:

Thanks Nicole!

RebeccaBrandRecipes says:

Great to know that.
Now you have a recipe to try out and also relish it.
Try this amazing recipe and let me know how it turned out.
Happy Cooking!

RebeccaBrandRecipes says:

For start up, I suggest request your mom to try out this easy and delicious recipe.
It is simple to follow and easy to make.
Happy Cooking!!

RebeccaBrandRecipes says:

Yes Joha,
I do remember you.
A big thank you for loving my recipe.

Joha Techera says:

Amazing recipe!Hope you remember me


Beautybaby716 says:

my mother cant cook pork tenderlion to save her life. It always comes out dry and not very good any tips

Garnett M. says:

It`s an awesome spice for everything has a variety of flavors in it .

Missy Melons says:

i love pork

RebeccaBrandRecipes says:

Kam Pai!!! 

RebeccaBrandRecipes says:

Thank you and I love your apple and pork endorsement!!

Nicole Martineau says:


rintube12 says:

rebecca, you’re so funny….nice recipe and you’re so right about apples and pork it’s a definite combo! this looks yummy and hearty

RebeccaBrandRecipes says:

and another thing, thank you for “the Gravy Master! ha! I’ll take that compliment!!!! 🙂

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