Korean Twist on a Tuna Sandwich with Eggs, Cucumber, Onions, etc – 참치 샌드위치

Video showing tuna sandwich with a Korean twist with cucumber, eggs, onions, etc. Enjoy!


John McLachlan says:


Sulgi Cho says:

what can i use in substitution for egg? 

akainsane says:

just made it now…aWsm!…<3 it :D

dreaminbunny says:

Sori ! Typo!

dreaminbunny says:

U knw it’s reli nice by e way those guys ate it.. Envious..:|

siowjenn says:

I thought I smell the bread when video reaches the grilling part, it turns
out the bread smell comes from the burger stall near my apartment..soo

lalaperson99 says:

I always make tuna sandwich, but today i tried your recipe and it was
DELICIOUS. Thanks for sharing! it was yummy and my mom liked it :D

hamster98 says:

excellent, I will try tomorrow. thanh quo…….

Anna Neprawskey says:

” niagara waterfall” XD XD XD XD

pudave1 says:

Just made it for lunch today it was very delicious.

eitan01231 says:

you’re beautiful.

IceQueenICRA says:

Yummy!! 🙂

sobia ahmed says:

i m from Asian side but live in Usa…i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee korea ppl
..korean drams…Plusssssssssssss i love ur cooking and ur happy face..pls
sister add more sandwiches and noodles recipe good luck

zozo roro says:

احححببببكككك احبك احبك احبك باختي I love you

infinitenutella says:

tried it and it was delicious! <3

Peter Anderson says:

It is time you’ve your need own soon channel. You’ve outgrown the douches
you’re under!

yuki lockets says:

ياحلوك ♡~

takatomon says:

Maangchi, i normally HATE tuna and you managed to convert me to like them
after I made this. Thanks so much for this recipe!

takatomon says:


cRazydream29 says:

LOL “we need some green stuff “

Cristina Chum says:

Love your skirt, Maangchi!

Shahrizat Abd Hamid says:

this is really simple and yummy receipe…great for my lunch. Thanks a lot.
I really love your outfit today…

Stella Raflesia says:

looks simple and yummy, but idk if i make it just by myself. will it turn
out good?

junsu kin says:

항상 볼때마다 맛있는 음식 선보여주셔서 먹고싶어지네요 ㅠㅠ.. 그리고 한국음식도 많이알려주시는것에대해 감사드립니다~! 앞으로도 꾸준히
지켜보겠습니다 화이팅~!!

Stella Tuifao says:

One dollar a slice of bread,so thats $4 loaf

Kiky Kichan says:

Wanna to eat….

wenkaiwen513 says:

i tried it tonight .so good!

catherine tran says:

aweee u so sweet. I love ur vids :)))

kimberly route says:

I’m hungry

Ms Kimlo says:


jpjulz says:

i love you maangchi!!! 🙂

lips3540 says:

You are so cute! I hope this comment made you smile, maangchi

sumax1ag says:

ohwauhu… so,adorable

Christina Kim says:

OMG. You look so adorable!!

Jamie Macbeth says:

Good recipe! Think I’ll give this a try in the morning, looks tasty 🙂

LunarisArts says:

First time I watch your video, and I have to subscribe at once. You have
such a wonderful personality that it makes me all smiles and happiness 🙂
Also: Thanks for a great recipe 😀

Rissa says:

Well mayo is made from egg too…And tuna sandwiches always have mayo, it’s
basically essential to a typical tuna sandwich…so I don’t really see how
you can ever have tuna sandwiches in general :/

Goblux says:

To safia ali: I’m not exactly the wonderful Maangchi, but maybe you can
try pieces of silken tofu for the texture of egg? Similar flavor of egg
white too. Not exactly in keeping with this recipe, but Avocado tastes good
in a tuna sandwich too. You might also want to try vegan mayonnaise too
since mayo is made with eggs. Get creative! You probably don’t even need
egg to make this sandwich yummy. 😀

Paola Vanelli says:

Each peace one dollar lollll

Sharon Widjaja says:

i love the jiggling sound of her skirt when she toss those bread pieces..
so cute!!!

safia ali says:

can we put something else than egg because i am allergy to egg
plzzzzzzzzzzzzz reply want to try waiting for your respond..

flyoverthere1 says:

I love your clip and really like your style enjoy with your video a lot ^^

David Simari says:

Only Maangchi can turn something that seems so simple to us into some kind
of gourmet MASTERPIECE! 😀

inluvwithmoi says:

You cut so fast lol

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