American Recipe: How to Make Chicken French – An American Invention

Chicken French is really an American dish done on a sauce pan. Really worth a try if you want something different for dinner. Enjoy!


Precious102080 says:

Love your videos as always, Chef John!! You crack me up!! 😀

Kiril Bahchevanov says:

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Ted Radecke says:

i thought it came from lockport NY

Food From Around The World says:

Hi, Great Video… I also started a food cooking chanel with european recipes.. check it out..

bchimself says:

Better way to add flower to chicken: Fill a large plastic bag with the flower and spice, add the chicken, close the bag, shake it up.

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Becky Rogers says:

Thumbs up for good ole Rochester,NY. I had no idea that this dish came from here, although, this is my favorite dish to order when eating out.

fa magnus says:

Hey chef John! love you like as always 🙂

cocolulubub says:

chef John your videos are my daughter’s and my daily torture! we seem to always watch them at night!

BasicKitchen Recipes says:


zk says:

is there anything that i can use to replace the ine?

boroxov gaube says:

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nursha kitchen says:


SharkBite55 says:

Capers! ‘Ya forgots ‘da capers!

Leanna Fong says:

i did it 🙂 it is tasty. thanks for your recipe and video.

Cody Alexander says:

ROC baby

BWaustinTX says:

Chef John is sooo much better than many of the annoying self promoting drones on TV!

natalielee2609 says:

then whats the flour for?

naomi j. says:

You sound like seth rogen lol

LeavingTheArmy says:

So thats the food Gaulish tribesmen eat!

kawaiiushii says:

hmm.. non-alchoholic ?

VonchkynProduction says:


majulio perpaster says:


maro choufani says:

chef john:chapeau bas!

Fulop Hilda says:

that is Austrian..:D

Ayyaz Raja says:

Can you use any subtitute if your not able to use wine?

TheGoldenwolf522 says:

Epicmealtime ain’t got nothin on this

Hamoudeish says:

Are you italien or mexican?

kberken says:

you pronounced Rochester perfectly. Are you a native?

bethybcup7 says:

They’re heirloom tomatoes. Some can be purple.

S8ANC says:

Thought you didnt trust seasoned flour? Lol

CloudyDaze says:

I’m currently studying at a Technology Institute in Rochester. 🙂 I feel honored to be nearby where Chef John was born and raised.

Seaton1518 says:

did you spill your wine on those tomatoes? they look like plums

kawaiiushii says:

Alternative for wine?

Jazmin Alaniz says:

Looks so delish right now

eikumbokum says:

4:25 spice fling.

dechagny says:

oh my God, I just cooked this and it tastes HEAVENLY! thank you soooo much!

Ophelia Artaud says:

I live in Rochester and I had no idea this was from my city, I thought everyone ate it haha

Brianphoenixx says:

Top demographics
Male, 45-54 years
Male, 25-34 years
Male, 35-44 years

JOHNNYwxw says:

i will try it today !

devyn phankhao says:

anyone seen the “Kick start” mountain dew video? whats the name of the song? if it is a song

truebluekit says:

Umm… Francaise… French?

Pharoah Cypher says:

What’s regular white wine? Pinot Grigio?

Shafi Iqbal says:

I would get a job there to get a hands-on learning experience 😉

Peter Anderson says:

I have to try this!!!!!

sharrie huang says:

What happens if I use some panko?

aroundtheclock says:

THANKS a lot, foodwishes. Now I have to out to the grocery store to buy some of the ingredients because you had upload this delicious looking dish. Thanks – I really appreciate that…..! 😉

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