West Indian Recipe: How to make Trinidad Sawine – Vermicelli Dessert

A sweet West Indian style vamazelli desert or Sawine as it is called in Trinidad. Enjoy!


asheeba singh says:

Will make it tonight for me and my hubby. I never used cardamom but it
seems to give it a really nice flavour. Tnks for ur recipe aunt zorina.

krishnil prasad says:

its Vermicelli

zorinaspice says:

good day.

zorinaspice says:

Hi there mistressoulsistah thank you so much my dear you have a day.

Amanda Harris says:

thank u!!

kumar ragoo says:

Almond extract tastes really good inside of it to!! Yumm!

mistresssoulsistah says:

OH! Very Lovely! Thank you for sharing, Aunty Zorina Spice!

Sheliza S-N says:

How do you make it make it like a custard? Do you pour it out in a pan and
let it set?

TrinDigital says:

good cooking,but you repeat to much

zorinaspice says:

Hi asheeba sing,thank you too my dear.have a good day.

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