Trinidad Recipe: How To Make a Baigan Choka or Eggplant Choka

Video showing how to make a Trini Baigan (Melongen) Choka which is usually eaten with roti but you can use bread as well. Enjoy!

Note: Eggplant is called Baigan in Trinidad and Tobago.


Tempus Fugit says:

From one Trini to another thanks for all the excellent recipes dude. Keep
up the great work. And for all the haters leaving negative comments on
here? I dare you to do better.

Amanda says:

Looks very easy to prepare thanks!! Can’t wait to try it! Much love from

MamaKaliLove says:

Thanks man.

jonmo111 says:

you talk too much man

Matt Zack says:

sada roti and bigan choka

007James66 says:

I’m used to the Middle East version, but GOD! this looks good and simple to
make. U Got me hungry…………….

beatlejn says:

what if my guy likes my breath kickin’? LOL just kidding

theromulanwarhawk says:

I sometimes roast the eggplant on the grill for my mom when she makes it.
it tastes so much better than when it’s all done inside.

Rita Wright says:

too much talking

Annie Persaud says:

Can you put it’s the oven?

mrflibbl3s says:

there is no smell a vision but the memories of the smells and taste just
making my mouth water.

Natalya Silcott says:

Thanks Chris.

Annie Persaud says:

Thank you!

TheMusicJunky1 says:

I have done the Baigan Choka in the microwave..I usually do it for 20-25 depends how big or fat the egg plant is

Optgemakske says:

nice work man, keep it up

chicgirl2119 says:

we guyanese does call dis balange

mavheji says:

@seygra20 i was thinking the same too but everyone is different or he
forgot to take it out i guess

OriginalRipndip says:

Just made it for the 1st time myself. Called my mother and watched it. As a
young Guyanese-American male this video was a marriage of old favorites
with new style learning. God Bless

outragedlyrics says:

my family also roast tomatoes (peels the skin off) and then adds it to
baigan choka… the tomatoes adds alot of taste! Im not sure if it’s only a
guyanese thing though

abbytirbany says:

perfect recipe…made this today!!

Debi White says:

Wow can’t wait to try it ♥

Halee M says:

Chris, please advise to remove pepper seeds before crushing. Using a hot
West Indian pepper can spell disaster.

Linda1982100 says:

hi…love baigan choka and sada roti….thanks for the recipe and much love
from trinidad!!!!

Mieke Dagboek says:

Thanks Chris! It is my birthday soon… guess what will be one of the
dip-dishes! 🙂

Cindy Joseph says:

wow, wonderful job!!! love ur videos!!! 🙂

Anita Supriya says:

my mom roasts tomato and adds that too along with everything you have
added.. yumm its a lovely dish!

Linden Stone says:

Sunday afternoon dish. I make this on the weekends for my family.

justdreadest says:

oh boy am i hungry now :)…just a tip – I usually put the garlic in the
slits of the bhaigan before i roast it fireside…..

anto sakariya says:

too much taking

jackie g says:

can you add fried potatoes to this when it’s done?

Bryan S says:

awesome guy. gotta have this with the roti,

dianaPar1 says:

keep up the great work!!! u seem to know all my favorites!! 🙂

Ray Rivera says:

Can You Make This With Cilantro?

seygra20 . says:

Why didn’t you peel off the sticker on the eggplant before you put it on
the grill

Ramsoondar says:

real professional channel, keep up the good work

Globe Shawny says:

Great job! I enjoy your videos. Similar to our Fiji recipes. Keep it up.

Carol Malik says:

This looks great! I may have to try this out soon!

Locutz M says:

next you should do a video on how to make sada roti that would be a great

Michelea India L says:

thanks for posting this video Chris 🙂

20fruity says:

Lmao @ it will have yuh breath kickin

trinitobago says:

Hello Chris with all the the mashing can one use a Blender

beatlejn says:

@seygra20 i thought that too but then i figured it’ll be charred beyond
recognition and the skin is not being eaten.

Hylton Fernandes says:

Great recipes, keep up the good work!

DiDi Charles says:

Because he’s not going to use the outer part anyway so it won’t matter but
to avoid the toxins from it going into your dish, you should take the
sticker off.

Winston Clifford says:

Chris you are doing a good job. This will help the generations to come,
that is lost to all the extra lessons in the name of education. Our
children are losing the basics. They do not have time to see Ma cooking.
Even Ma has lost the touch because she did not see Nanny do it. Keep it

trinitobago says:

Hi Chris great job on the Baigan choka

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