Guyanese Recipe: How to make Bara or Lentil Fritters

How to make Lentil Fritters as an appetizer the Caribbean way. Enjoy!


Death Artic says:

Watch meh nah tanti , I love doubles , now I could make meh own , thanks

mickjai says:

Excellent recipe. Thank you.

SuperSnk1 says:

This would go well with some tamarind ( tambran) chutney. Man yer good ter
go after dat. Thanks.

Geeta Murlee says:

I dont remember cilantro, tarragon, and rosemary in Guyanese bara..

gooniebush . says:

Can’t wait to this, thankyou for sharing your recipe Zorina. Gayatri.S.

Amri love says:

Thank you for all your wonderful and detailed recipes. My mom is no longer
here to show me how to make these dishes, I am grateful for your videos.
Thank you and keep up the great work!

idontdocandy says:

So interesting to see your version of bara in Suriname where I come from,
bara looks like a doughnut!

Ducky Deathly says:

Thank you for the Bara

dax wood says:

*** meant not moved forward

dax wood says:

lol@empressdinah`s comments……. totally delusional. not being nasty, but
it’s a shame the cradle of civilization has moved forward.

zorinaspice says:

Hi Russel Mohan thank you so much for those beautiful word and comment, you
have to try the bara when it just finish cooking. have a good day.

zorinaspice says:

Hi Sheikh Abrahim thank you so much for those kind word, so sweet of
you,have a good day and thanks.

Russel Mohan says:

Thanks Zorina! Looking at this video I feel the love from your spirit and
it makes me feel at ease. I have to try this recipe, I am Trinidadian, but
have never really gotten to savour barra!

Sheikh Abrahim says:

Aunty Zorina you have done well.I am happy for you.You keep up the good
work.Dont worry with the negative comments.That should make you
stronger.Indian Food Forever.Cheers from Guyana,

Sheikh Abrahim says:

Bara is an original Indian food.Why do we have to prove where it came
from.Dont’t you enjoy it.So stop this nonsense and enjoy it.Lick it up.

EmpressDinah12 says:

Ancestral foods, this all comes from Africa the cradle of civilization so
stop fighting over which island it come from.

samantha mohammed says:

hey aunty back here in trini we call bara the thing we eat with channa aka
chick pea wich is doubles i’m sure u know abt doubles anyways i love this
recipe i want to make it…..looks like a vege acra

zorinaspice says:

Hi maimaimai201 thank you so much my dear.

Islandlegacy says:

I can’t wait to try this. I plan to make some for my family. Thanks for the
tutorials. Please keep them coming.

Anthony Audain says:

Great job yes now I know how to make this with the help of you. Thanks 5

zorinaspice says:

Hi there tinywhiny I want to thank you for your nice comments and I am glad
I can be of help to you, thank for watching.

AngelicBabygirl01 says:

reminds me of a gigantic phoulorie

kamla80 says:

Auntie Zorina ah we yu been me ah miss yu recipes (just joking) this bara
look delicious and as always thanks for taking the time to share your
recipes with us…

zorinaspice says:

Hi there metsada bara is a indian made from yellow split peas it
very easy to make if you follow The recipes. I don’t recommende you buying
it on line because it not going to be fresh, and it depending where you
live.thank for watching.

zorinaspice says:

comment you have a great days.

zorinaspice says:

Hi sweetrini I didn’t read your comments until know I hope you try my bara
it very easyto make,thank you for watching.

pearlz4june says:

Thank you for sharing.

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