Caribbean Recipe: Make Your Own West Indian Garam Masala Spice Mixture from Scratch

Video show how to make a Garam Masala with your own spices in your home the West Indian way to use in your cooking.


zorinaspice says:

Hi there sherisaful thank you for your nice comments.

fijiboy68 says:

Thank you Zorina!

zorinaspice says:

Hi there fijiboy thanks to you too. and thank for your nice comments.

zorinaspice says:

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sweet of you much appreciate,and I’m so glad I can be of help, you have a
great day.

stupmsmp says:

Thank you aunty, im a South African indian gal living in usa and i have
guyanese friends who’s mom makes it jus like u showed us, she didnt kno all
the names of spices in english but thanks to you i will now make my own,
guyanese recipes are same as home and im glad we have our culture.. I have
tried many of ur videos and love everything! Thank you so much!l

stupmsmp says:

U welcome aunty, look forward to ur new recipes

Sherisaful says:

Great job, thanks!!

Cook says:

Hi,I am gonna try out this,thanks!
Can you please explain how to mix halwa masala?

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