Caribbean Recipe: How to Make a Traditional and Delicious Guyanese Pepperpot

Video show how to make a homemade Guyanese Pepperpot with cow feet, beef, etc. Enjoy!


Sharon Osman says:

Hello Aunty Zorina,
I’m obsessed with your cooking channel and the simplicity. When I was
younger, I never took the time to learn how to make traditional Guyanese
food but now I’m a mother, I learn from you! Thank you for teaching all
these lazy Guyanese girls like myself how to make delicious foods.
Continue the good work! 

zorinaspice says:

Hi ynanahi I want to thank you so much to reply about the cassave sauce,I
could not discribe it any better also I want to thank you for subscribing
to my have a blessed days.

Lishapoo786 says:

Hi again beautiful recipe, but i wanted to ask, If I have only celery,green
onions ,thyme,basil and shadow benny would that work too instead of the
rest of green seasoning? Oh and which part of guyana you from? lol 🙂 Love
your recipes.

zorinaspice says:

Hi there lucylavadebutts I want to thank you so much for that nice
complement /comments.when you fry up the meat in the first stage you can
use a medium to low flame also in the final stage,you let the flame high
until it start boiling,then you put it to simmer low heat to let the
seasonings,spice and sauce marinade with low cooking.thank you.

Chin Muzik says:

what is the thick sauce you use?

Chin Muzik says:

thanks zorina and ynanahi… Going to get a bottle today and make this!

ynanahi says:

that is casareep it is derived from cassava/ yuca it is starchy to thicken
everything up. or you can use cassava root vegetebale that will also
thicken everything up.

zorinaspice says:

Hi there lishapoo I want to thank you for that nice comments, also you can
use whatever seasoning you have it will turn out great.thank for watching.

LucyLavaDebutts says:

Hi! That was such a thorough and wonderful explanation. Your pepper pot
looks superb but I just wanted to know while frying what level should the
fire be at also in the last step where its simmering. Thank you, great

zorinaspice says:

Hi roblo the thick sauce is call cassava casreep,you can find it at any
west indian or Indian grocery store,it made from cassava and awhole lot of
difference spices thank you for watching.

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