Caribbean Recipe: How to make Sugar Milk Fudge – Peera

How to make a fudge the West Indian way. This video shows how to make a sugar milk fudge the Guyanese way. Sweet and delicious. Enjoy!


missopt2mistik says:

Thank you for sharing Zorina!

Karina Dasrath says:

I found the egg ball recipe. Thank you. I’m going to make it today.

Stephon Miller says:

Thank you for your recipe will try this 

Karina Dasrath says:

Aunty, I love your videos! I was wondering if you can do one for a Egg Ball

Shazela Kissoon says:

Quick question how long do you have to boil the milk and sugar for? Thanks
for uploading a wonderful video again!

Shazela Kissoon says:

Hey zorina

liza012006 says:

Love your recipes. Happy diwali 🙂

Tkmlicious says:

Yummm it looks soo good!!! I’m gonna try this…thank you!

rt9785 says:

How long did it take to dry? And did you put it in the refrigerator?

zorinaspice says:

Hi Amri love, thanks to you too my dear, and Happy Diwall to you and
family, have a good day.

BecomingTheIS says:

You are very welcome, I would like to see you make some caramel fudge.

Amri love says:

Thank you so much. I’m going to make this peera for Diwali. Thanks

zorinaspice says:

Hi BecomingTheis, thank you so sweet and kind of you for that comment, have
a good day.

zorinaspice says:

Hi nilla52 thank you comment, later have a good day

zorinaspice says:

Hi Jamar Gonzales thank you for your comment, have a good day.

BecomingTheIS says:

Looks very good Zorina! Best fudge recipe.

nilla52 says:

Aunty Zorina can you do a custard block /ice cream recipe

Jamar Gonzalez says:

Looks good

Antoinette Marie says:

hey aunty! do you know how to make perasad?

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