Caribbean Recipe: How to make a Split Pea Pholourie

Video showing how to make a split pea pholourie with fresh split peas the Guyanese and Trinidad way. Enjoy!


Jaya Merchant says:

Hi ! I had the Pholourie in Toronto restorunt and loved it.It was round
shape.with tasty sour and spicy souce.I liked your recipe.Thank you very

J2VPromotions Soca says:

Aunty where ya son deh abi dese try fa mek this pholourie but it na wuk it
so good…. but no tek worries it taste good but na look right lol nice
video keep it up

natoya robinson says:

thanks been looking for a recipe just like this cause pholourie get
expensive in gt

zorinaspice says:

Hi there Cashmie Lucaro thank you so much for that beautiful comment, Any
way I remember you I was by your grandma house an there I saw you very
pretty fair complexion girl,, your mom live in Florida if that you I want to

Cashmie Lucero says:

Hi Aunty! I love your channel my husband and I are subscribers anyway I
don’t know if you remember me I am Sunitas daughter & Satie married your
brother Scottie & I am Satties niece well I hope to hear from you! You are

zorinaspice says:

Hi lisabeharry26 you have the recipes girl simply to make,thank for

tsir1026 says:

Awww you remind me of my grandma I subscribing to you now!! Love your

zorinaspice says:

Hi tsir thank you for that beautiful comment,I’m so glaf i remind your
grandma, and thank you for subscribing to my channel,have anice day.

zorinaspice says:

Hi Katiab I’m so glad I can be of help,sorry to hear about your friend,any
way you can make it know,thank you for watching.

zorinaspice says:

Hi Namurembo PortVictoria thanks to you too my dear and comment,I would try
whole wheat and unbleach white flour half and half of each, you have a nice

lisa beharry says:

Omg I wanttttt

stormyweather rain says:

would have been nice if you had show the inside of the pholourie !!!!!

teamnj23 says:

Could you show us a carahee recipe to go with this phoulorie?

Nancy N says:

Thank you for this recipe. What can I substitute instead of wheat flour? I
need to make it gluten free.

zorinaspice says:

Thank you ,and your husband for subscribing to my channel and you guys have
a great day.

WeekzGod says:

I swear every west indian home in ny has that dish set thats white
porcelain with the blue flowers…

katiab1996 says:

OMG! This brought memories of my childhood. I have been wanting to learn
how to make this for a very long time. My Guyanese friend always made it
for me and my family but she passes away. Thank you so much!

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