Caribbean Recipe: How to Make Spinach (Bhaji) and Shrimp

How to cook spinach and shrimp the Guyanese way. Enjoy!


zorinaspice says:

Hi asheeba singh i want to thank you too my dear for that beautiful
comment, you have a great day.

sierra john says:

Can you make pine tart, salara and cheese roll please!!

zorinaspice says:

Hi sweethoneyb100 thank you my dear for your comment, you wii like it. have
a nice day.

zorinaspice says:

Hi sweethoneyb100 thank you so much for your beautiful complemen, so sweet
of you,have a good day.

sweethoneyb100 says:

This was delicious…I really enjoy making all of your dishes. They always
turns out great. I have never been disappointed.. To all who are reading
and wanting to try zorina’s recipe you won’t be disappointed.

sweethoneyb100 says:

Looks yummy. I will have to try this.

asheeba singh says:

Thank u aunty zori for this healthy and delicious recipe

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