Caribbean Recipe: How to make Smoked Catfish with Eggplant – Baigan

How to make a West Indian smoked catfish with baigan or eggplant fried. Enjoy!


zorinaspice says:

I want to thank you so much for all your support and kind word throughout
all my video.thank you.

Harlemapartments says:

Hi Zorina, i love all your recipes. Please keep them coming! Can you please
post a smoke herring recipe?

zorinaspice says:

Hi there I want to thank you so much my dear for your beautiful comments

kamla80 says:

Really delicious also the smoked fish from guyana is so unique..

wetr1234 says:

Zorina! Is there something wrong every time i view your videos you can
never complete a complete sentence without making a mistake or using bad
grammar. I cant enjoy your videos if i cant get through to what you are
saying. Sometimes your confuse your self and forget ingredients too.

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