Caribbean Recipe: How To Make a Simple Guyanese Soft Roti

Video on how to make a soft roti the Guyanese way. Roti as you know is an Indian flat bread. Enjoy!


Kate Gopaul says:

Thank you!

IamMsTruth says:

🙂 I could watch this channel forever!!!!

zorinaspice says:

Nouvelle vie thank you so much for your kind word and comment, so sweet of
you my dear, God blessing to you too,have a good day.


God bless you for posting your recipe. I love making roti, dal puri,
everything that reminds me of home. Thank you, I hope you receive many
views! I will watch more of your videos (I see you like smelts… yay me
too!). Take care!

Tyger16314 says:

Zorina, you are indeed great, I love your personality, it really shines.
Your food looks absolutely yummy. I think the cameraman should stick to
filming and hold his commentary though. You know perfectly well what you
are doing and you don’t need any back seat kitchen drivers.

Osyth Clarke says:

I will try this roti.

zorinaspice says:

Hi Kishen nauth i want to thank you for beautiful comment. much Appreciate
you have a good day.

zorinaspice says:

also you have a good day.

andre patterson says:

nice work

Adrian Anderson says:

I pity you and the life you must have lived to turn out like this.

zorinaspice says:

hi Osyth Clarth try the roti you will love it you eat it with all kind.meat
or vegetable it like a flat bread also you can use as a wrap thank you.

zorinaspice says:

Hi there shortandstuff I want to thank you for that nice complement
/comments and thank for watching you have a blessed day.

Nigel Nethersole says:

Is this the roti recipe you use for the dal puri? Was it four cups of flour
and four cups of water? I was a bit confused at the beginning. Thanks
again! I can’t wait to make this!

zorinaspice says:

Hi there nigeldane, yes that is the recipe for the roti,sorry for the
confusion,for the water you need to pour a little water at a time and form
a dough until you finish all the rotie mixture you can’t put all the water
at one time it will be too much, follow the recipe, and thank you for
subscribing to my channel, you have a great day.

NazieJani says:

Hey dont u let the dough rest for some min

Kishen Nauth says:

Great traditional recipe Zorina! I love it and thanks to making these

shortandstuff says:

I definitely will try this recipe. Your family must leave the table with
happy bellies because all your recipes look so good!

zorinaspice says:

Hi Mahaniya I want to thank you so much for your nice comments and thank
for watching.

DonnB60 says:

Thanks for sharing….you seem so nice too. Would love to come over and
have a taste ….hahaha! looks yummy..

zorinaspice says:

Hi sweethoneyb and I want to thank you for your complement and nice

Kateri Alves says:

you ahve helped alot :)…I normally go to lethem cuz its near to boa
vista, Brasil and buy roti mix… but you taught me how to make the roti
doe from scratch. i love it.. thanks alot dear. where do you live?

Ash04ale says:

Can u do a video on pastry- pine tart, patties, and cheese roll THANKS!!

zorinaspice says:

Hi Nazieajani yes you can let the doug rest for about 1/2 hour or longer if
you have the time or not in a hurry,also you use the same dough for dall
rotie and potato rotie thank you and have a goid day.

DriveScene says:

Jhon Smith right he did say that then she say i not put too much oil lol

strawberrygirlkiki12 says:

theres a piece of food on her face lol 😀

Abby Greene Bull says:

nice goin!

ynanahi says:

hello can you use butter instead of margarine?

nitsrah says:

The voice in the background asked what the @&&! you doing??? Tell him its
your video Zorina. I appreciate all you do because it reminds me of my
grandma’s cooking from Guyana. Now I will try this recipe.

Yolanda Mills says:

Thank you, thank you,and thank you for posting this video. I made this on
sunday and it turned out wonderful. You are definitely an awesome cook:)

NazieJani says:

Hey dont u let the dough rest for some min before making rotis?

zorinaspice says:

Hi sharaz khan thank you for your nice comment, try it you will like it
have a good day.

DriveScene says:

Yes becoming she is a great cook! and this is a wonderful channel

nouvelle Vie says:

Dear Zorina wow that looks so delicious. I have to give it a try soon with
the dhal roti as well. yummy!! keep up the good work u are one great cook
and pls get rid of the rude camera man. god bless always and congrats on
all the cooking videos!! ♥

zorinaspice says:

HI THERE118haifa I WANT TO THANK YOU SO much for you complement /comments
also you have happy holiday with greetings from new york,thank.

Ash04ale says:

I’m going to try this tonight, I like this very detailed video

Lishapoo786 says:

Okay then this is a simple roti recipe if your a indian you would have
know, oh no..are you lady gaga’s whore in disguised?? Oh, I pity you. No
one cares about your comments dude or girl who ever you are, if you tink by
head banging to devil music and sending crazy bashing comments in caps all
over youtube is what you called a life well straight on. But sending
obscenities to this lady cooking is the wrong way to go because her cooking
here is traditional quality ones you have no clue abt!!!

118haifa says:

What happened in your life that makes you so uncomplimentary? You should
feel ashamed. “What the gaga is wrong with you?”

Ash04ale says:

I’m using your recipe right now and yes it is soft tender and delicious !!

zorinaspice says:

Hi Senhoritajanice I am so glad I’m of some help and your rotie turn out
great and thank for the complement, I’m. From N/Y and thank for watching.


Thanks so much Zorina for sharing! Because of you, my family was licking
their fingers last night. God bless you and get rid of the rude camera

zorinaspice says:

Hi nitsrah thank you my dear for your nice comment, much appreciate i
remind you of your grandma,have a good day.

Darrell Robinson says:

Good job. you helped alot.

gait ram says:

like your video , nice watching you reminded me my mom 🙂 Guyanese food is
soooo gooood !!

zorinaspice says:

Hi there Asheeba Singh thank you for that beautiful comments,you make the
same dough for dall puri

zorinaspice says:

Hi there lishapoo, well said my dear. and thank you for comming to my
defense I really Appreciate. I ignore these kind of people.thank.

zorinaspice says:

@drobins1985 thanks

BecomingTheIS says:

Oh No!, The man in the back said “dont put too much oil, what they hell’you
doing?” that was rude. Zorina, you know how to make Roti the Carribean way
dont listen to what these young people say. We want de good ting. HaHa! =)

John Smith says:


katiab1996 says:

Always wanted to learn how to make Roti. love Guyanese food. Please keep
posting more videos like this.

AkawieoWoman says:

lol nice food love it

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