Caribbean Recipe: How to Make a Mackerel Fish Choka the Guyanese Way

How to make a delicious Mackerel fish salad or choka the way they do it in Guyana. Enjoy!


zorinaspice says:

Hi there J. candace thank you my dear for your nice comments and thanks for

J. Candace says:

looks yum!!! i will try this soon

kali putra says:

Hi zorina, can you post a video on how to make sirnee ?

asleeferry says:

delicious! here in netherlands we get smoked makreel…! so only have to
bake the seasoning, then stire it up. but really like the fresh seasonings
u use! greetingsss from holland

zorinaspice says:

Hi there asleeferry I want to thank you so much for your nice comment.thank
you for the greeting.i wish you and your family a wonderful holiday
season,from New York.

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