Caribbean Recipe: How to Make a Guyanese Style Chicken Wrapped in Tortilla

Video showing how to make a chicken wrapped in tortilla with a Caribbean flavor and spices. Very tasty alternative to the Mexican/American style. Enjoy!


zorinaspice says:

Hi Peter Guerra thank you for your nice comment i guess your mom is a good

megaguitar01 says:

i need to stop watching recipe videos……i dont want to eat another laptop

xxyettyxx says:

I Wash meat…what wrong with that ????

zorinaspice says:

Hi there you make me laugh and thank you for watching.

zorinaspice says:

Hi there Islandgirl I want to thank you for comming to my defense that was
very sweet of you. On the chicken wrap,the tomato and lettuce will
definitely give it a nice taste to it.

zorinaspice says:

Hi tasleea jabo thank you for that beautiful comments you have a good day.

SavvyTroll says:

Wow, she put raw chicken in with her veggies!

minge hound says:

can you make some lemon curd? “ahh noooooo”

aloluk says:

washing meat?

Randy's Video Creations says:


Gunther Fatel says:

dont worry old lady these people are raw

zorinaspice says:

Hi there xxyettyxx thank you for your comment,and thank you for watching.

zorinaspice says:

Hi Melissa lalta, it is so sweet of you for that complements comments, i’m
so happy to remind you of your grandma,i also want to say thank you you
have a good day

TheDarknessOfVoid says:

Guyanese? <3

Peter Guerra says:

It looks the same as how my lovely mom does it

islandgirl3330 says:

This is how we cook our meals in the Caribbean. What she sauteed is what
even chefs would use worldwide before putting in different types of meats.
It is obvious that you are not a very experienced cook. If you check to see
how chefs in N.A. cook some dishes you will see that they do the exact
thing. The chicken is cooked in the end. There will be no salmonella when
raw meats, etc., is cooked in this way. What you have called “veggies”
although only the onion is, are used in marinades.

zorinaspice says:

Hi sweethoneyb I Glad you try my recipe. And it turn out great.thank you
for complement,and have a bless day.

Nicholas Matthews says:

Looks very tasty, with all the spice that you used… must be very

tasleea jabo says:

I love to watch your videos. Keep posting more 🙂

islandgirl3330 says:

Grow up.

kamla80 says:

Look delicious also a very healthy meal..

Melissa Lalta says:

I don’t know how I came across your video but I liked it a lot! I honestly
haven’t tried your recipe but I will. Watching your video touched my heart
because it took me back to my childhood watching my grandmother cook. She
was from Guyana. I miss her a lot as she passed a few years back but she
lived with me and my parents and raised me. The way you cook and talk is
just like her. 🙂 I’m glad I came across your video definitely changed my
day. Thank you!

islandgirl3330 says:

Thanks for the recipe. I cook chicken breast often. I will try this but I
most likely will add some lettuce and a slice of tomato.

spider2gal says:

Hi there! I hardly ever comment but I had to on this video. You remind me
of how I used to watch my grandparents and mother cooking while they were
trying to teach me how. It was precious! Thank you! They have all passed
away now so this brought me back to a very special place. When you started
frying it all up, I could smell the aromas coming off my computer screen no
kidding!! 🙂 Lucky I had just had something to eat!

john hackland says:

i want your pan :-)))

Gunther Fatel says:

and looks delush

spider2gal says:

Your screen name is very fitting. You should go Troll somewhere else. And
find a clue while you’re at it. Generally that is the concept of cooking –
turning raw food into safe edible items by use of high temperatures, and
there are stages to food prep. All things you would know if you actually
cooked. Ignorance is so unappealing. If you don’t like a video, guess what
genius? You are free to leave! Stop spoiling everyone else’s fun.

SavvyTroll says:

I hope you washed your knife after cutting that chicken, you could kill

zorinaspice says:

Hi Spider2gal i want to thank you so much for that complementary beautiful
comments, so that sweet of you comming to my defense, God bless, you have a
very nice personality thinking of other you have a good day and thank you.

Yolanda Mills says:

I made this today and this is delicious. matter fact, all your food turns
out delicious. Thank you Zorina 🙂

Peter Guerra says:

Wow it looks super delicious

ezerinis says:

very tasty! thank you for sharing

spider2gal says:

(Contd..) Just one problem I had.. I wanted to hear everything you were
saying and it was hard to when the food was sizzling in the pan, partly
because I was having some trouble with your accent too, but I got most of
it and will definitely be trying this soon! Thank you for sharing! God

lcksowns says:

Yumm I tried it n it taste so good thank you keep up the great work 🙂 hope
too see more videos

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