Caribbean Recipe: How to Make a Guyanese Stir Fry Shrimp and Mushrooms

This recipe is a Chinese inspired stir fried shrimp and muchrooms with some Caribbean spices. Enjoy!


Keisha Charmaine says:

i would have put the mushrooms in first, then shrimp then the rest

zorinaspice says:

Hi becoming it really funny,I did not realize the dog was in the video
until I upload the video I know it a little distraction but I think it was
cute too.thank you.

samantha mohammed says:

looks delicious tho i gonna try one of ur recipe tomoro

BecomingTheIS says:

Haha Zorina, you can see the cute little puppy going to the bathroom in the
bush behind you. That was cute and funny. I love your videos and this you
know, my friend!

zorinaspice says:

Thank you my dear.

samantha mohammed says:

the shrimp didnt get tough as how it was in the heat since the begining…?

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