Caribbean Recipe: How To Make Guyanese Hassa Curry Fish – Trinidad Cascadura / Cascadoo Curry Fish Part 2

How to make a Trinidad Cascadoo Curry fish or Guyanese Hassa curry fish. This dish is a delicacy in Trinidad and Guyana. Enjoy!

This is part two:

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Kmahabir says:

Auntie, Show me how to make gilbaka curry. There are no You-tube videos on
Gilbaka Curry. You will be the first!

Nicholas Matthews says:

@alisharai65000 Ikr.

E. D. Sukhu says:

That looks good! 🙂

mantissifuferreira says:

2:32 bai, you questionin’ she? well look a story. haha. great video, thanks

drbuddyjul says:


Scarlet Ryder says:

my recipe is different

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