Caribbean Recipe: How to Make a Guyanese Egg Ball

Video showing how to make a egg ball from Guyana. In this dish we wrap the egg in a potato, cassava mixture and fry it till it is golden brown. Interest and delicious. Enjoy!


shabs dee says:

I enjoyed ur blog 

Anastacia Kangoo says:

Great recipe! Can’t wait to try it.

Michael Dinnoo says:

im Trini my GF is from Guyana I will show her how I can cook her hometown
food hahahahaha tks for the share

Ashantie Thom says:

Thoroughly enjoyed watching this video! I will be making eggballs this
weekend. Thanks for making this video.

Leroy Nelson says:

Thanks you taught me something that I did not know , thanks again

Danali King says:

bom bam bam lol wat a song

Through My Eyes says:

When it comes to cassava balls, meat balls, channa, egg balls, fish cakes,
plantain chips ya gotta have the mango or tamarind sour/sauce. But the
Mango tamarind combo with wiri wiri pepper is the boss. Good vid baby. Love
a woman that can handle herself in the kitchen.

overactive1 says:

i enjoy watching food network, and this was pretty good

Shonnet Charles says:

Since asking this question, I made the egg balls with the potatoes, and
they fell apart. There are cassavas here in Barbados but I had potatoes at
home, was anxious to make the egg balls and couldn’t wait until I bought
the cassavas.

Dessy GT says:

andis, oh gosh, when last i had this, prob at some weddding. i cravin this

appetizingvideoscom says:


Flap N. Blab says:

I’ve heard of this but never had it…its probably a Georgetown thing. I
know potato ball which is made similar, without the egg. They’re probably
variations on the same thing.

Melissa Persaud says:


AnndisKitchen says:

@GTVEVEMAN lol indeed

AnndisKitchen says:

I Had A Friend Made this for me in Guyana But You Can Also Buy Them Here In
The USA.

gtbeautyful says:

dam i got to try this for my bajan husband ty anndis

bohemian glam says:

is fried rice good with this dish?

princess_jihan says:

Wow u made it look so easy to make. I have to try making this now. Thanks
for making the video.

HedyCameron says:

wow looks great i want some too

Rebecca Samuels says:

i make your cook up rice and it was delicious. i cant get it out my head
that i know you from some where..

MrKaramellTV says:

Dam Anndis you can cook, good looking out for sharing this video with me

Necrophega says:

Oh man THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’m a trini, but I have a Guyanese Aunty who
makes this and I never get a chance to ask her how to make it since we live
in different countries! I LOOOOVEEEE eggballs – thank you verrrry much for
this recipe! I was searching google like MAD! lol

AnndisKitchen says:

@brownsugar3354 Thanks So Much For Stopping By.

esant29 says:

wow ur so young and so talented. good look tho

Jennifer Munchkin says:

I love you right now. You just save me I’m going to make it now. . Thank
you thank you!

dreishott96 says:

Thanks for the tips!

brownsugar3354 says:

@AnndisKitchen I made it for him! he loved it! thank you <3


Do you have the recipe instead of video?

AnndisKitchen says:

lol am i mean is up to the person to eat what they want, know what i mean.

shanishaniOH says:

looks good mmmmm

brownsugar3354 says:

Hi im also guyaneese. wanted to let you know that you did a veryy good job
making this video. im actually makin this for my boyfriend for his
birthday. he lovesss potato ball =) so thankss. keep doin ur thing girl!

TheStarsprinkles says:

Hmm…I tried making this once and the entire potato ball started to break
up…sigh! better the next time 🙁

bambataa4ever says:

Dis Guyanese gyal is so beutiful and also is a good cook , BIG UP and

LittleMissShortie17 says:

Can i use potatoes alone with no casavas?

bohemian glam says:

Andis your the best thanks! 🙂


Yummy 🙂

Aaisacc55 says:

Thanks bitch

Shazad Mohamed says:

Who does eat eggball wit fark an knife gyal?

sean khan says:

You married already girl? Let me know… i looking for a wife like you …
keep up the good work,.. look good! yummy

umdrawplay says:

since, my nanee die ,them young gal them cant make dem thing this. My wife
is a trini and she cannot make good guyananes food like this. Much respect
thanks for post ,going to make some right now. can u show us how to make
fish ball.

mylastpetname01 says:

couldnt be better

Sana Gordon says:

woiiii, Guyanese did a great joke baba. Gt to the bone.

AnndisKitchen says:

@MrRickyLewis thanks a lot for that i try my best, to be the best.

LittleMissShortie17 says:

I love egg ball. Was born in Guyana but moved to Barbados from 2yrs old so
i dont get them here at all. I’ve never made it, but i will use your
recipe. I want to make it with mango sour instead though, since mangoes are
in season.. thanks alot. 🙂


Do you have the recipe instead of video? Or along with the video to prepare
ahead of time.

Anndis says:

this is my video how it got here? hahaha GIVE CREDIT

audrey says:

Girl thank u …. i have to make some eggballs soon . My mouth watered watching u dig into the lovely eggball..

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