Caribbean Recipe: How To Make a Fantastic Homemade Guyanese Roti from Scratch

Very well illustrated video on making a regular Paratha Roti which is a big favorite in both Trinidad and Guyana. Enjoy!


Fred Suero says:

yuummmmm! with some curry chicken/ goat , doupoori I’m so there !

Flap N. Blab says:

Guyanese roti is very different than Indian roti, might look similar in a video but its different. Indian roti would be thrown out by most Guyanese

U kids need to learn how to use the internet & kashwarikwilliams U need to talk to your parents

ABSOLUTELY NOT..Guyana is not the same thing as India in a different part of the world, how can you say a foolish ridiculous thing like that

Guyana is a former British CARIBBEAN colony multiethic multicultural country influenced by a variety of cultures

Flap N. Blab says:

You’re not sharp or quick up there are you?

Just Maybe she is lives England??? A quick clue is her kitchen. Its small compared to N. American standards. living space there and in Europe is half our size.

In most of Guyana people don’t use Ghee for everyday cooking. You can use butter/shortening if you want a brukup roti or a Trini roti

She’s from a

kashwarikwilliams says:

It’s similar to Indian roti because there are Indian people in Guyana..its a black and Indian country and the Indian people there have ancestors that actually came from India..even the broken English they speak have words similar to the Indian language and they are Hindus and muslims as well as Christian..its the same thing just a different part of the family is guyanese

Wardah Amal says:

Thank you

ijustneedmyself84 says:

Why is it hard to imagine the possibility of it being different from Guyanese roti? I know that the roti my family makes has a different texture and flavor than roti that I’ve eaten at Indian restaurants. She can’t presume to know that this is exactly how roti is made in India or elsewhere. She just knows that this is how she learned to make it.

Aysun say says: delicious desserts and meals.
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The English translation has

Yasir Shah says:

yep, tbh I don’t know why bother with the “guyanese” title not any different from how we make it in the punjab :/

Yasir Shah says:

now I know how to make rots haha

Nathan Alvarez says:

And omg! I just got farther into the video! My grandmother is from british guyana too!!

Nathan Alvarez says:

You remind me of my grandmother 🙂 she makes it just like this and talks like you!

Laura Lassiter says:


Shahid Ahmed says:

Same as how we Pakistanis make ours

Sumit Kumar says:

Its so easy

whitneyfanforlife says:

Roti is not a tortilla dumbass..its roti

Yohance Bailey says:

Why she skunt putting on a fake brutish accent like she from London? Where de fucking ghee/lard/shorting ? Ras hole

khari hamblin says:

But my aunt does the rolling and oiling part alittle different.

khari hamblin says:

My aunt show me how to neat the dough so many times and I still can’t get it. It take me forever to get that part done.

Tinhang Li says:

LOVE the To Zanderkand slip into the video !! also thank you for the instructions 🙂

Ronald van Uden says:

Thank you for sharing!

Helena Hatstand says:

You should practise first – not make it up as you go along – too jarring for the viewer – needs fluidity and confident delivery – also focussing irritating. do it again.


I tried this recipe today. It turn out great! Thanks

Ravindra Tewari says:

aunti yo cut up english pan abay. nice recipe

Xenophile C says:


at my favourite roti shop, the roti has a slight golden yellow color

even before they put the curry on it

did they put some tumeric in the flour?

KoolDaznyc says:

I love that they use Final Fantasy Score to soundtrack the video lol. Great video neverless

sergey brain says:

roti kan bahsa indonesia.

umme123 says:

thanks for correcting my geography. Share the knowledge light the world. god bless you 🙂

judycutie900 says:

she didnt say ghana!! she said GUYANA! ahuurrhuuurr!! its in south american and if you knew anything about it im sure you wouldnt have put that comment!

Suwannapom pirmchart says:

love youraccent

Muhannad alMalki says:

2006? and I just saw it, how crazy this world is!

theAlbertinator1 says:

so roti = tortilla, right?

chockn says:

yes its a typical indian dish. and its made in guyana because of indian settlers. google west indies (8

u0526015 says:

How ignorant of you. Just because you’ve ever heard of it doesnt mean its not their core dish and seeing as you’ve never heard of it how do you know who created it first???? Yes its similar to Indian Roti but similar food have different methods in different countries so she is saying that this is how its done in GUYANA not that it isnt done this way anywhere else….

heaintloveu says:

It’s completely necessary to do this on top of a microrefrigerator

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