Caribbean Recipe: How to make Dhal the Guyanese Way – Split Pea Daal

Video showing how to make dhal like they do in Guyana. Dhal is just a sort of split pea soup that is eaten over rice or with roti in both Trinidad and Guyana. Enjoy!


zorinaspice says:

Hi Rain Truth thank you for that beautiful comments so sweet of you my dear
for those kind word,much Appreciate have a blessesd day.

Rain Truth says:

I Love your video… πŸ™‚ I would love to sit in your kitchen smelling all that
good food… πŸ™‚ The cameraman is super lucky.. Thank you for sharing your
passion for cooking with the world…. Jah Bless

zorinaspice says:

Hi asheeba singh thank you so much fot those kind word my dear,you have a
blessed day.

asheeba singh says:

U too is a sweetheart aunt zori. And thanks for wishing me God’s blessing,
I needed it so much now aunty zori. U hv a nice day sweety. Oh, I am going
to make this dall again now.

zorinaspice says:

Hi seanviv2 i make a pepper sauce,season habanero pepper sauce try it,if
you do not like some of the season you can leave it out,but it is so tasty
the way it is,thank you.

L. Valantina Ramotar says:

Hi Zorina, I couldn’t see clearly what pease you use. Is it the Indian type
of lentil or the pease we get in Guyana? Also could you say how long you
boiled it? I’m sooo happy to find your channel and Guyanese cooking here.

zorinaspice says:

Hi L Valantina Ramotor,yes i use the peas guyana kind,i also boild the peas
until peas get soft about 30 min. thank you for your beautiful comment have
a good day.

zorinaspice says:

Hi asheeba singh thank you, you are a sweetheart with those nice word, you
have a good day,god blessing to you too my dear.

zorinaspice says:

Hi There Rohan, I’m so glad I can help. It is so Important to learn to
cook, you do not have to depend on other.Thank you too for watching and
thank for the nice comments.

Debbie M says:

Delish, your mom … I love your videos ….

007James66 says:

Awesome! I make mine really simple and thick and eat it like a soup with
lots of low-fat yogurt in the center of it.

Jewel Ramlochan says:

thank you i love daal especially with rice

lilmich83 says:

FINALLY….real guyanese recipe thank you soooo much…this helps so much
ive been trying to learn the good old ways of cooking….do u have a recipe
for pepperpot that would be amazing…many thanks plz keep doing videos….

Rohan Brijlall says:

Great recipe .. I moved out on my own and been trying to learn to make all
these things..I used your recipe and it came out perfect! Thanks Zorina πŸ™‚

jackie g says:

zorina what state do you live in?

samantha mohammed says:


zorinaspice says:

Hi jay you have to try my recipe the way I make it it very delicious with a
little hot pepper with some rotie you will love it.thank you for watching.

das1418 says:

turmeric powder, jeera (cumin), and curry powder.

zorinaspice says:

Hi ther zorana thank you forthat beautiful comments,,i just saw your
comment thank you and thank for watching.

seanviv2 says:

Miss Zorina do you have a recipe for pepper spice or hot sauce? thank you

Kevin davoo says:

At least you could have scooped out the froth. Eeww nastyt!!

asheeba singh says:

Omg….. Best dhall ever!!!!! Thank u aunty zori, may god bless u forever.

jay singh says:

but does it taste nice?

Chay Bliss says:

Great video, like your cooking! Mangopassionfruit71

zorinaspice says:

Thank you my dear.

kamla80 says:

Nice Video again,I love to eat dhal with rice and coconut choka and fresh
wiri wiri…thanks Zorina

zorinaspice says:

Thank you.

mistresssoulsistah says:

Hi Aunty Zorina Spice; I can smell the dahl /chung-kay. Do you think you
could do kitchree recipe, please? I’d love to see your method for a
Guyanese version for this. Keep up the great work! Thank you.

zorinaspice says:

Hi TheBeloved1one thank you my dear for your nice comment, you have a good

zorana04 says:

I love your food Zorina! I’m Zorana!!!

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