Caribbean Recipe: How to Make Delicious Honey Baked Chicken Wings

Video showing how to make a baked honey chicken wings with lots of Caribbean spices and flavors. Enjoy!


Mzgtnycgal says:

Looks tasty!!

zorinaspice says:

And Thank you for watching.

zorinaspice says:

Hi Nikita thank you for nice comment and i glad i can be of help,thank for

Yolanda Mills says:

I made your reciepe and it was AWESOME 🙂

Nikita Love says:

I love ur cooking it would be most helpful to put the ingredient on
underside bar but am gonna try thank u am married and can’t cook am using
ur videos

william gopie says:

aunty you really know to cook

zorinaspice says:

Thank you.

Kiki Lornis says:

Love the accent! Jamaican?

zorinaspice says:

Hi Porchapea you use whatever seasons you have,it will turn great thank for
the complement and thank you for. Watsh

PorchaPea says:

Thanks so much some of the items I didn’t have like rosemary or actual
garlic but I used garlic powder instead thanks so much

zorinaspice says:

I want to thank you so much for your nice comments and you try that recipe
you like it.thank

mun7701 says:


Miz Islander says:

Plz tell me where can i find these herbs and spices…

zorinaspice says:

Hi there Yolanda I want to thank you for trying. My receipt and I glad it
turn out great.

kazzicup says:

My mouth is watering ! Looks delicious. I am off to the store to buy
rosemary, cumin and chicken wings. The other ingrediets I have. I am
starting cooking as soon as I get back from the store.

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