Caribbean Recipe: How to Make a Delicious Gilbaka Curry – Fish Curry

Video showing how to make a Guyanese Fish Curry dish – Gilbaka. This is really an authentic curry recipe from Guyana. Enjoy!


lisa beharry says:

Peppahhhh I gotta get mi peppah fuh eat

Ralph Hanoman says:

I love your videos. Can you please do one on how to cook Gilbaka eggs. I
tried and it turned out horrible. thanks

zorinaspice says:

Hi crix this fish is call a gillbaker or a very large monster cat fish it
can grow 4 to 6ft. I’m. Not sure if you can Find it in American
water(river) it a tropicals Fish mosly find in south America very tasty and
delicious.thank you for watching.

kamla80 says:

Hi Zorina, I really would like you to know I enjoy your recipes,I was
planning to do some videos like that but you won lol…I`m from Berbice
Guyana and like our indian food a lot so please post more videos and keep
up the good job..

Martin Ramsammy says:

Hi Zor !!! I love your channel and I enjoy watching you cook those mouth
-watering dishes.I love cooking gillbaka head .I love your recipes and this
remind me of my mother cooking in the kitchen.Nice job

BecomingTheIS says:

That camera man is speaking like he doesn’t want the food. Everything is
Optional to him. The recipe is Best with all those seasonings.

Ernesto de Varona says:

I tought Gilbaka was a sea fish

superfly1234567890 says:

Auntie, yuh nah put in no Green Mango or Aloo inside? Green Mango does give
de Gilbaka good taste!!

tain guyana says:

aunty zorina can u mek some shrimps curry (original kine)

Nmaylene says:

I think you are using way too many spices/seasoning. I am from Guyana and
we never use all that seasoning. you are taking away the true taste of the

Nafi Ali says:

pls tell me you saw the bug crawling up your wall within the first 5
seconds =/

lakripasad says:

Bottom feeder-Scavenger– lots of mercury from guyana gold mines- very

zorinaspice says:

@martinramsammy Thank you , I does cook gillbaka head too, its the best
part , its delicious

zorinaspice says:

Hi becoming I totally Agree, I always said seasoning gave Food a great
flavor.thank you.

Nafi Ali says:

regardless, i still l ove your video’s

Bresingh says:

God aunty zorina sorry but you need to clean your sink and stove !!!

crix868 says:

Can anyone tell me what the English or American name is for this fish? I’ve
been trying to find this answer for a while now

zorinaspice says:

Hi there Nmaylene thank you for your comments,you know seasoning always
gave food great flavour, but I agree every one do not like too much
seasoning that why I always said you can use whatever seasoning you
have,but I love the taste it gave the food good flavour,thank for watching.

zorinaspice says:

@kamla80 Thank you

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