Caribbean Recipe: How to Make Banana Fritters or Gulgula

How to make a banana fritters or gulgula as a great dessert like they do in the West Indies. Enjoy!


idontdocandy says:

So amazing the Guyanese and Surinamese(which is a big generalazation btw
because Suriname is build up by different kitchens
Hindoestaans,Indonesian,African,Chinese etc) look a like so much!

Flap N. Blab says:

no cinnamon, nutmeg or anything extra…

MamaKaliLove says:

Those are gansta gulgulas, haha…lol.

MamaKaliLove says:

This woman is gangsta, I bet she beats her husband, lmao.

Adrian Anderson says:

I tried these today! Yummy! 😀

Scott Gregg says:

Very nice. I have to try that.

Tanusha Lall says:

can u make gujiyaa or goojaa i dont really know the exact name, is some
coconute bake thingy

Shekinah Glory says:

Everybody made it theirs way

zorinaspice says:

@phiaa23 yes and proud and you’re mom knows good food

Melissa Persaud says:

Yummy.. Miss My GrandMom Now 🙁 Her Cooking Rocks <3 Great Video Aunt..
will try this 🙂

zorinaspice says:

Hi baybiisk you can store it for two days in the.fridge then you have to
cook it, thank for watching.

Kavita Meg says:

that is not the way gulgula is made

gusmotorsports says:

Thanks for the video. Zorina you don’t waste no time mixing. 🙂

marisa1182 says:

omg my favs 🙂

Sophia Lowe says:

my mom makes this 😀 they are very good by the way are you Guyanese?

Mark Hendrax says:

I am Guyanese, and I love gulgula. Unfortunately, my mom doesn’t know how
to make it and it’s hard to find recipes. Thanks for posting this video!!

lexigore says:

Is this similar to gulab jamin?

kahluaqueen says:

Zorina you are the cooking BOMB!!! nice work!

baybiisk says:

Can you store it- & if so, for how long?

Tanusha Lall says:

exactly i do it just like u also, am maybe somewhere guyanese but i always
wonder why guyanese people dont know more dishes except:bara, gulgula, cook
up rice, everything masala curry and fried rice fried noodles, wha more u
guys get

zorinaspice says:

Hi. Scott Gregg thank you for your nice comment,you will love that desert
,thank for watching.

Tanusha Lall says:

hey auntie zorina , what i also want to say we also put currants and
raisins in it, also some nutmeg and vanilla extract, a pinch of salt not to
forget, but everybody makes it their way, and i like watching ur videos as

Bresingh says:

Aunty the way I make it is I mash the bananas first on till there is no
lumps then I add my dry ingredients and if you do it that way there is no
need to add water to the mixture hope that helps !!!

zorinaspice says:

Hi there. gusmotorsport thank you for that comment, you have a great day.

hockeytruth says:

Well she wasn’t born in the United States that’s for sure

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