Mexican Recipe: How to Make a Mexican Pozole Pork Soup

Video showing how to make a great Pozole Pork Soup with tomatoes, onions and hominy. Delicious. Enjoy!


Shari Sisco says:

pozole de camerones! give it a try, if your ever in Playas de Tijuana you must have a bowl at kokopellis que rico!

Shawna Coronado says:

It’s green cabbage Paul, but you could easily use red cabbage as well. I wouldn’t use powdered. Best to omit the cloves entirely. Clove powders are safe to eat, the only reason we discarded the cloves was because the whole cloves are hard and unchewable. SO – just leave them out if you don’t have them. 🙂

Paul Lee says:

Dear Shawna,
Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe. I do have two questions, please help me out.
First, one of your ingredients is cabbage; would it be the same thing as ‘green cabbage’ ?
Second, the cloves I’ve found is in the form of powder. Is it o.k. to consume that? Because in your video clip, your cloves is in seeds form and you discarded them at the end?
Thanks and regards,..

Shawna Coronado says:

Glad you like it! Thanks!

MsBestsunshine says:

Wow that soup looks so good I will try to make it tomorrow! thanks so much for posting. We have it sometimes on Sundays after Mass in the church lunch room . It is so good and now I can make it. Have a blessed day!

Shawna Coronado says:

Thanks so very much – your nice words mean a lot to me. Take care and thanks again!


Shawna Coronado says:

I hope it turns out wonderful!!!

Dawn Champine says:

Oh my gosh! I LOVE pazole! I had my first taste of it at a wedding in Santa Fe, NM about ten years ago and it was all I could talk about the rest of the evening…delish! Thanks so much for posting this how-to! I can’t wait to try my hand at it…:) Salud!

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