Mexican Recipe: How to Make a Mexican Chicken and Rice Soup

Excellent cooking video showing how to make a Mexican Chicken and rice soup with fresh vegetables. Enjoy!


animezz says:

Even though I’m Mexican and I’m used to my caldo de pollo o res this looks good :3

22negra22 says:

Looks good and fresh

sevensvnfour says:

Hahahahahahs…19 seconds into this video and I had to pause to laugh at your crazy self! Girl you are too much! Wish mine were this big, Jealooous”! Ok back to the video now 😀

Noway whatokay says:

That’s a poor analogy.

Sundaari Chica says:

This looks so good. I can’t wait to make it.

Crystal Torres says:

Look so delish! <3

Crystal Torres says:

Oh please I’m also Mexicana and this soup looks delicious! Read her post at the top she said she is “re-creating” a soup from a Mexican restaurant that she likes. Do you know what re-creating means? I swear people read to much into something that they don’t have to. It’s cooking everyone makes their dishes their OWN way, there is no wrong or right way to do it. Just because you grew up on it a certain way doesn’t mean every Mexican did too!!

Cesar Alcantar says:

I had plenty of caldo de pollo from my abuelita and mom growing up, which is pretty similar to what is shown in this video. Perhaps a slight variation in the vegetables used and technique involved, but flavor-wise I’m sure it’s pretty darn close. I also just think that within México there are many styles of cooking and dishes that are traditional in one region, but not necessarily in others.

IcePrincess619 says:

I’m Mexican. this was Never in my life!. my family from deep Mexico too.this reminds me how people say taco bell is Mexican food. its not.

MsQuiet Queen says:

I dubbed myself the soup making queen but this recipe right here is going in my book!!

Sanrio92 says:

Yummy! Totally trying this!!!

lizd3beth says:

She never said “Caldo de Pollo” its a chicken soup!!

katy faye says:

Is the title called Caldo De Pollo? NO! So, go on move along sweetie.

Laur H. says:

I love your channel! I found you from Entertaining With Beth, and let me tell you I’m drooling over all your video thumbnails. Can’t wait to try these!

ImSweetImDanielle says:

That looks great! Good job

designlovesmusic says:

i cant find the recipe on your blog.. Please help me!!!<3

ObedienceOrSacrifice says:

Looks delish..TFS!

recklessboss77 says:

i am not trying to be a d i c k or anything but this soup looks awful, i am a mexican food fanatic but i wouldn’t be able to eat it by looking at it

mpenny226 says:

That looks sooooo good!!

KellyJelly9976 says:

So colorful and delicious looking

Anissa Gonzalez says:

WOW! That looks very easy to make. My husband is mexican and I will make this for him.

B Henson says:

i luv mexican soup, just made some yesterday. i use egg noodles instead of rice and i put peas in as well….also top wit mozzarella cheese

ImSo1000 says:

Please tell how it comes out!!! I want to try, kind of scared though lol 🙂

dignan1983 says:

I’m going to try this recipe for the first time. I’ve been watching your channel for months and think I can handle this recipe! Yum!

libertyss35 says:

Great video! Soup looks amazing and you sound like a sweet heart! Thanks!

Randy Kuleszasr says:

that looks delicious ,i;m going to make it

373jaybird says:

Good eating

Priscilla Johnson says:

I’m sick today and I;m making chix soup right now.

Priscilla Johnson says:

great, I will try this version. I love your videos

sereta smith says:

This is not my type of food but I watched anyway and you made it look so pretty! Yum

patatasfries says:

that’s got to be the most colorful soup I’ve ever seen!

illys2009 says:

Loovvee ittt! Looks soo yummy I will definitely be trying this asap especially with these cold winter nights 🙂 thank youu!!

ZenannM says:


eslfriedrice says:

Looks good, will make it

ultimatecouponlady says:


ultimatecouponlady says:

Looks good but that’s not how my boyfriend, who is authentic Mexican, does his soup. Very similar except he boils his chicken first to cook it a bit then adds all of the fresh veggies so it’s all in homemade chicken broth; the chicken flavor is infused in with all the fresh veggies! Yum!!!

mimichelley323 says:

OMG!!! You are sooooo awesome… I LOVE LOVE your channel!! Your such a great cook… simple and delicious

sojib221 says:

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oakland311 says:

I love how simple you make your recipes. I always know that your recipes will be delicious but not require too much time. Perfect for the working girl:) Thank you!

garnzaragoza says:

That looks delicious! !

PopeWaddles says:

I just discovered your channel and thank goodness that I DID!!!! 🙂

MrsBentBetty says:

Can’t wait to try this!

ThePwincessDanielle says:


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