Mediterranean Recipe: How to Make a Simple Mediterranean Stew Chicken

This video shows how to make a tasty tomato based Mediterranean Chicken Stew dish with chorizo. Delicious. Enjoy!


Sharon Mynes says:

My husband thought I was weird for adding a bit of sugar when using canned tomato! Thanks for confirming for me!

tribefenatic says:

last time i checked the label it was churritzo not churripho like your pronouncing it lol

gerardogama120769 says:

Try it with gnocchi!!!

Rolly Villanueva says:

Nice recipe i’ll try this tomorrow for dinner. Thanks!

TheBusa123 says:

I liked the way you did the video it was very professional but its not spanish at all. Fry the chorizo first to flavour the olive oil and then cook everything else in. But I still liked your video

Jamieoo77 says:

Tried it tonight and it was delicious. Great recipe for my repertoire. Thanks!

Jamieoo77 says:

Wow that looks lovely definitely going to try this recipe.

Nabill Ansari says:

i love it
bill4burnsville  f book

J. Connolly says:


kacysparrow says:

if i wanted this to be more like a stew, can i use chopped peices of chicken? my young neice will be eating this too and chopped peices will be easier for her xx

Jalapeno Cruz says:

I copied this recipe myself and it was delcious! Only difference was I didn’t use chorizo because no stores where I live have chorizo.

Original Naked Chef says:

Hi chef!
Lovely comment and I appreciate you trying the recipe. Thanks for highlighting the good points and drop in again soon 🙂

puskin66 says:

a great recipe for a few reasons, im training to be a chef and i know this dish if done as he says would go down well almost anywhere. easy to make, doesnt use any difficult to find ingredients. I made it the other day, and it was lovely, thanks for posting!

Original Naked Chef says:

Sometimes a little sugar helps to balance a dish 🙂
I quite often use a little sugar when using canned tomatoes.

williamtj21 says:

i always put sugar when I’m using white wine or red wine on my dish, I thought that was weird but not anymore!!! ^^

Original Naked Chef says:

Thanks for the comment and glad you liked the vid.
Maybe one day I will do just that but it may be a while yet 🙂

Damoskinos says:

Another excellent video.
Are you going to do do a recipe where you stand in front of the camera so we can put a face to the voice?

Original Naked Chef says:

Hi blutey,
Nice one!
You are becoming quite a chef 🙂
I think using breast is a good one as it is easier to cook breast than thighs or legs. The butter beans and olives sound very good!
Well done blutey and always appreciate the feedback 🙂

blutey says:

Just cooked this one tonight.
The only changes were that I used chicken breast instead of thighs/legs and added a tin of butter beans along with the olives.
Very tasty. Thanks for sharing.

Original Naked Chef says:

Nice one!
Glad you like it and if you decide to give it ago, I hope you enjoy 🙂

jhay-r Labor says:

wow nice i like it

vandegevel1 says:

If you cannot get real chorizo sausage, try using this quick pork sausage substitute flavored with garlic, cilantro, and cumin. 🙂

yumyam09 says:

wow too much fat and oil 🙁

Original Naked Chef says:

You can leave the chorizo out if you want. It’s difficault to recommend a good substitute for chorizo. The dish will still taste good without the chorizo 🙂

runaroyd says:

What can we use instead of the chorizo?? Cant find it in my store….Nice video though…

Original Naked Chef says:

Your right, I can be a bit messy 🙂
Good to hear from you OriginalNakedChef

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