Mediterranean Diet: How to Make a Simple and Easy Mediterranean Style Mussels Appetizer

How to make a simple and easy but great starter with mussels in a Mediterranean style. Enjoy!


Victoria Paikin says:

It’s great I love mussels it is way underrated food which we should cook more at home, a specially if you have good quality product. Enjoy and let me know how it was!

R. Melndz says:

vick, my mouth was watering! that looked superb! I have to make it, i’m in new Zealand and we have lovely mussels!!!

Victoria Paikin says:

Only one? Mussels are not always in season here. The season is now.

Victoria Paikin says:

Thanks :-)

James Russell IV says:

Looks incredibly good!

subotaj says:

ואי, אני מיירר פה.
אם יש מנה אחת שאני רוצה לטעום כשאני מגיע לקנדה, זאת הנה הזאת!
שחקת אותה.

Victoria Paikin says:

Thank you sooo much 🙂

Victoria Paikin says:

Thanks 🙂

Avoir Chaud says:

great video.

CuttingJibe says:

Very well-made video. I like how you tap the mussels so they close (if they’re still alive!) That’s such a good idea. That way, there’s fewer open mussels to discard! I’m glad you’ve found a use for fennel 🙂 The plated mussels at the end was very impressive.

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