Mediterranean Diet: How to Make a Mediterranean Seasoned Lamb Chops

Lamb chops can be seasoned in many ways. This recipe uses the usual Mediterranean seasonings to create a flavorful grilled lamb chop. Enjoy!


The Bald Chef says:

Thanks for checking in, I am glad you enjoyed my lamb chop recipe.

LetsGetCookinggg says:

Yum! What a great way to make lamb chops!

The Bald Chef says:

Now that my retirement is official, it’s time to get back to my roots. A charcoal grill is on my wish list. Gas is easy, that what I got for now. But there is a real need to get back to where I need to be . Then I can Dip, Daze, and Amaze all my recipes on a real man’s barbeque grill, charcoal!

ManCaveMeals says:

The grill you have looks like it does a good job in the videos. Are you thinking about a charcoal grill or a different model gas grill?

The Bald Chef says:

I need to get into growing fresh herbs, as soon as early spring. That will take my recipes like grilled lamb to a new level. Next I need to followup with a real grill! Thanks for your comments and my back!

ManCaveMeals says:

I grow thyme, sage, cilantro, dill, oregano, basil, chives, rosemary, and several rotating varieties of hot peppers…

The Bald Chef says:

Joe I hate gamey meat but when it comes to lamb and Lamb Chops, this my friend is as good as it gets.Yes the spices in this recipe reduce the game in the Lamb. But there are some foods I don’t like even like even if they were cooked in 24K gold sauce.

The Bald Chef says:

Wish I had a herb garden with the high prices for the fresh stuff. And this one spice came together to make this recipe for Lamb Chops stand out. What other herbs do you grow? Next season I am going to see if my thumb has some green! Thanks for the post.

The Bald Chef says:

Super Chops lets put them on your grill and they would taste twice as good!

The Bald Chef says:

These Mediterranean Lamb Chops were outstaning on many levels! Not only did they look delicious, they tasted even better. Great recipe give it a try on your BBQ. Thanks for your kind words and keep on cooking!

The Bald Chef says:

Lamb Chops are always a treat! Not only do they look amazing they tased out of this world. Thank for your comment and keep on cooking!

ManCaveMeals says:

Lookin’ good! I just harvested enough thyme today to last me for 5 years probably… that stuff grows like weeds in my herb garden…

joed596 says:

Thanks, Glen!

I remember really HATING lamp chops as a child . . . they tasted so “gamey” that they made me gag (literally) 🙁 . . . I never ate them again.

Does your marination help with the flavour? Or does lamb just have that “gamey” taste no matter what you do?

All best and thanks so much,
Jersey Joe 🙂

The Root Boy Cooks ! says:

Super Chops Thumbs Up!

cookwithadam says:

Looks delicious! Great job

AsianCookingmadeEasy says:

Those chops look amazing! Love the flavorings :)

The Bald Chef says:

I hear ya, I could eat 8 Lamb Chops. Thanks for the comment.

freitasex says:

I know I could eat 4 of those, maybe all 8 if I did not have much else with it 🙂

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